Critical Race Theory: A Modern Distortion of Antiracism

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

Since prehistory, subsistence poverty has been mankind’s most common denominator.

But, although some faced initial hardships, the families of most people born in or emigrating to America since 1865 fared better than almost everyone who lived anywhere before then.

In that context, Americans, generally, regardless of race, are privileged.

The opportunities for Americans of every ethnicity to prosper flow from one great idea: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The great sin of American slavery ended in 1865 following a bloody Civil War fought to confirm the promise of the nation’s founding principles.

Every Democratic Party pre-war platform supported slavery, an “institution” secessionist Democrats fought to keep. Northern Democrats, or “Copperheads,” sought a negotiated settlement that preserved slavery.

Following Emancipation, racial segregation/political exclusion became party doctrine. The Democrats’ 1868 convention slogan was, “This is a White Man’s Country, Let White Men Rule.”

It took another century to overcome Democrats’ racist exclusions by passing civil rights legislation and proscribing Jim Crow laws – over the opposition of most elected Democrats.

Despite the abolition of slavery and segregation, racial identity remains the cornerstone of Democratic Party politics. Today, liberal Democrats practice stealthier forms of bigotry.

One covert racialist program is – or was – affirmative action – the extra-constitutional practice of “adjusting” standards to preferentially admit greater numbers of minorities to colleges and universities. Often, affirmative action set up less-prepared black kids for failure in the same way (unadmitted) under-prepared white kids would fail.

Now, (primarily white) liberals have introduced “critical race theory,” a concept corrupting public schools that declares racism “systemic,” classifies all whites as “oppressors,” and, like affirmative action, insultingly characterizes blacks as incapable of meeting the same standards as whites.

Antithetically, anyone who disagrees with their theory is called “racist.”

Columbia University Professor John McWhorter, a black intellectual, calls “critical race theory” a “modern distortion of antiracism,” … “its infantilization of black people for purposes of white self-congratulation, is racist.”

McWhorter wonders why “many black people – …especially more educated ones, overrepresented in education, academia, and the media – accept being treated [that] way…,” asks, “Why do so many of us accept this condescension as a compliment, almost enjoying being told we are too dumb to be truly educated…or…subject to genuine competition?” and answers, “Psychology has an answer…: a personal trait called the tendency for interpersonal victimhood, or an embrace of victimhood status.”

McWhorter says the left’s “whole approach to black people [is based] on the…idea that…society is built upon devaluing us…” He asks, “Do black people enjoy being told they’re weak and dumb?”

Given Democrats’ historical treatment of blacks, an instinctual need to stick together is understandable, but, over time, minority communities change as people move in, up and out. Realizing they have no shared interests, accomplished minorities like McWhorter are calling out the self-interested “leaders,” activists and “theorists” who only claim to be “seeking racial justice.”

Left-wing racial politics are already so toxic that blacks who voted for Donald Trump are (oxymoronically) said to be suffering from “multiracial whiteness.”

Teaching “critical race theory” in public schools will only further divide America. McWhorter concludes, “Tracing, facing and erasing what psychology titles the Victimhood Mentality will be key to, among other things, saving America’s educational system.”

McWhorter has “settled upon a sense that black people will have to play a major role in the pushback, and that this can only happen if we get honest about…obstacle[s] to black America’s doing so.”

So, let’s be honest. “White supremacy” and “systemic racism” are fundamentally intolerant, non-evidential, deliberately divisive, malicious slanders the American left employs 1) to deny the near-absence of racism among regular Americans who value character over race, 2) to feed the sanctimonious, albeit unearned moral vanity of genuinely-privileged white liberals who reflexively condescend to people – black and white – whose lives they don’t know, understand or respect, 3) as cynical distractions to obscure and/or excuse elected Democrats’ historical neglect and abuse of black people, and 4) to demonize, silence and suppress honorable Americans who merely disagree with them.

Professor McWhorter is right. At its core, “critical race theory” is an utterly racist two-fer that unfairly maligns innocent whites and disparages every person of color.