Cruel Irony of Hillary Clinton’s Pro-Women Stance

Hillary Clinton is campaigning that she, of all the candidates, is the one who is a "champion for women and girls" specifically because, among other things, she protects "women’s reproductive health" and "confronts violence against women." Her primary talking point is that she has worked 30 years for women and children. The media and various groups accept this claim without examining just how illogical it is and without considering the cruel irony.

Let’s look at Mrs. Clinton’s assertion that she is a champion of girls and women. Hillary Clinton is a Planned Parenthood, pro-abortion advocate. No one denies that. Her stance has become more and more strident. She no long uses the phrase of years ago that abortion should be "safe, legal and rare." "Rare" is gone from that trio to be replaced by "publically funded." She is advancing abortions. She is ardently pro-abortion.

Think about what this means. The number of abortions in the United States since Roe v. Wade is over 58,000,000. The distribution of boys to girls in live-birth statistics gives a slight edge to boys: 51 percent boys to 49 percent girls. Assuming that the sex ratio (boys to girls) for children aborted is roughly the same as for live births, this means that just under 29,000,000 girls have lost their lives to abortion since 1973. One can quibble about these numbers, but the fact remains that millions of girls’ lives have been snuffed out while they were still in the womb.

At least for these pre-born girls, Mrs. Clinton can hardly be said to be their "champion." In fact, the policies that she advocates continue to make possible the taking of the lives of these innocents by the abortionists’ instruments of destruction—scalpels and suction.

If this is not violence against women, one has a hard time imagining why it isn’t.

For the unborn girls this is, of course, an unspeakable tragedy. They will never experience the safety of their mother’s or father’s arms. They will never have an infancy, a girlhood, a youth. They will never play as a tomboy with the neighborhood children, they will never learn to read or write, wear a frilly dress, sing a popular song, kick a winning soccer goal, or attend a prom. They will never graduate from high school, marry or themselves give birth to children. Those opportunities are irrevocably denied them, often because of the press of careers of their mothers, the irresponsibility of their fathers, and sometimes, mere inconvenience.

For American society, abortion is also an immeasurable loss. For these unborn women do not become our teachers, nurses, business leaders, civic volunteers, our scientists, astronauts, sports heroes, mothers, grandmothers, church members, etc. And they do not and cannot become our U.S. senators, secretaries of state, or even our presidents.

A society’s public policies and public officials should be evaluated by how they treat the most vulnerable of their citizenry. Unborn babies are the most defenseless of "cubs" who have no way to protest or grasp their maltreatment through the amniotic fluid that envelops them. Their hands cannot fight off aggressors nor are their voices able to cry for protection.
In the name of all that is decent, it is time to end this outrage. What is absolutely clear is that millions of girls have been deprived of their womanhood by the very ones who claim to be their "champion." What a cruel irony.

—Dr. John A. Sparks is the retired dean of Arts & Letters at Grove City College and a fellow for The Center for Vision & Values. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School and a member of the State Bar of Pennsylvania.

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