Cutler Calls for Full Audit of 2020 Election Process

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HARRISBURG – As counties across Pennsylvania continue the work to count and certify election results, concerns over the process continue to grow. Today, Pennsylvania Speaker of the House Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster) sent a letter to Gov. Tom Wolf requesting a full audit be completed before the certification of any results.

In the letter (attached to this release) Cutler cites actions taken by the state Supreme Court and the Department of State that have created confusion for county election officials, and actions believed to be in violation of the federal Constitution.

“The uncertainty surrounding these interventions has cast an unnecessary cloud on the election process,” Cutler wrote in the letter. “That invites our people to question the results, regardless of which candidate or party may prevail.”

Cutler explains an audit is needed because of a litany of inconsistencies as a result of court actions and Department of State guidance, including the dismissal of signature requirements for mail-in ballots, certain counties allowing for curative measures, counties not following the United States Supreme Court ruling requiring ballots received after election day to be segregated, and more.

Cutler added, “We must take every possible step to ensure that all Pennsylvanians and all Americans know that our Commonwealth has conducted the General Election with integrity.”