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DR Ends, but the Work Goes On.
Friday morning, the board of directors of Democracy Rising PA voted to dissolve the organization at the end of this year.
It was not an easy decision, but it was a necessary decision. For any number of reasons, it has proven to be impossible for us to raise the money needed to continue.
But the work to bring greater integrity to our state government does not end. Three other organizations continue, and a new organization begins. All deserve your suppport because all have leadership that is committed to creating a government worthy of our confidence:
• Rock the Capital
• League of Women Voters/PA
• Common Cause/PA
Also, DR Co-founder Tim Potts also will continue working to restore the public to public service and representation to representative democracy through a new organization, The Majority Party PA, which you can find on the web.
Please do your part to keep them alive. Like DR, they educate citizens to become a force for good in improving state government.
Book Report
For those still shopping, here are two books that we can recommend:
• On the Front Lines of Pennsylvania Politics: Twenty-five Years of Keystone Reporting, by John Baer, political columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News. It’s a compendium of his best columns. Here’s Baer’s own description, and when he says it’s funny, believe him. He’s made us laugh out loud more times than we can remember.
• Kids for Cash: Two Judges, Thousands of Children, and a $2.6 Million Kickback, by William Ecenbarger. It’s the story of two Luzerne County judges who took money to place children in juvenile detention facilities, an act of corruption thought to be the worst abuse of judicial authority in American history. Even those who closely followed the scandal found reasons for outrage all over again when reading Ecenbarger’s account.
Going Forward
Grandma Moses , who began her celebrated art career at age 76 because arthritis wouldn’t allow her to embroider any longer, said, "Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be."
The same is true of our government. Yes, our public officials have stacked the deck against citizens who seek change. But that doesn’t make the job impossible, just harder, and when one approach doesn’t work, we always have the power to try a new approach.
Some day we will have a constitutional convention to repair our government, and you have set us on a course to make that happen.
Thank you, and best wishes for a meaningful holiday season.

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