Democrat Majorities: Going, Going . . .

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

Last year, Democrats captured the White House behind a Potemkin candidate. The party also narrowly controls the House and Senate.

Nonetheless, attentive observers infer that the 2020 election and 2021 impeachment were disasters for Democrats, because they keep confirming it – at least tacitly.

Stonewalling ballot audits that could prove the presidential election valid, House Democrats’ discovery- and due process-free impeachment, their embarrassment after calling for witnesses, then backtracking when the defense announced plans to call Democrats, and a humiliating second exoneration all served to call public attention to Washington Democrats’ weaknesses.

After the Senate acquittal, House managers tearfully shuffled out like Hollywood wannabes who knew they just blew another audition.

Close observers see Democrats’ bizarre post-election behavior as signs of insecurity, admissions, even, that their 2020 presidential win was fraudulent. Indeed, nearly half of Americans question Mr. Trump’s successor’s legitimacy.

On President’s Day, while Democrats cowered theatrically in Fortress DC behind twelve feet of razor wire and 25,000 troops, former-President Trump drew huge crowds driving home from a golf course, leaving the perception in flyover America and much of the world that Democrats controlled a few blocks of the nation’s capital and little else.

Eager to change that perception, Democrats are doing unprecedented amounts of harm.

As president, Joe Biden immediately began cancelling, even reversing Mr. Trump’s positive accomplishments.

Already, tens of thousands of high-paying jobs have been lost, and higher costs for essential drugs and energy make them unaffordable for many. Biden opened the southern border, created a crisis and put thousands of unaccompanied kids in cages. Criminal cartels are flourishing.

Furthermore, Biden reauthorized travel from terrorist-harboring nations, restored funding to the thoroughly-corrupt World Health Organization, and put America back under the yoke of the Paris Climate Accord.

Now, China, Russia, North Korea and Iran are testing a weak, feckless administration that flies the LGBTQ pride flag at American embassies.

Arguably worst of all, Mr. Biden has declared “racial equity” as the goal “of the whole of government,” a posture that insults innocent Americans and violates constitutional norms.

Rather than ensuring everyone’s constitutionally-guaranteed equal opportunity to earn prosperity through personal endeavor, in this context, “equity” means awarding government-mandated outcomes in the name of “fairness” based solely on race.

This is far more complex than skin color. For example, most white Americans are descended from immigrants who arrived after the Emancipation Proclamation.

In fact, some black Americans are descendants of free black American slave owners. Ironically, Vice-President Kamala Harris and former-President Barrack Obama are descended from slave owners on both sides of their families.

In addition, interracial and inter-ethnic marriages – more than 10 percent annually, according to a recent Census update – produce children of mixed races and ethnicities. Will those families/children be winners or losers as government calculates and awards “equity?”

In other words, “the whole of government” consisting primarily of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats could arbitrarily force people who never did anything wrong to pay or, at least, lose out to people whose ancestors were allegedly harmed.

It’s a losing formula. Americans won’t buy it.

Americans also won’t buy, among other political/fiscal/cultural/social atrocities, congressional Democrats’ measures to pack the Supreme Court, weaken election security, raise taxes, undermine American competitiveness in world markets, reward their Big Labor paymasters, control the Internet, pay people to avoid working, promote “environmental justice,” and federalize suburban zoning – just for starters.

Mr. Trump was elected despite his well-known character flaws and personal excesses, because they paled in comparison to his opponent’s and establishment Washington’s. Today, Trump voters, plus many disappointed moderate independent and Democrat voters, are comparing his successor’s actions to Mr. Trump’s results.

By now, reasonable, attentive people know that an aging, clearly-impaired President Biden is merely a figurehead, that Vice-President Harris makes Hillary Clinton look smart, authentic, even likeable, and that unprincipled über-partisan House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer should never have been entrusted with majorities.

Washington Democrats’ lousy, widely-unpopular policies are giving Americans ample reasons to miss Donald Trump, warts and all, and Democrats an elevated, well-deserved sense of insecurity.

Left-leaning Politico observed that Democrats are “passing as many partisan bills as they possibly can…before they lose the House in 2022.”

The Senate, too.

It may not be the death rattle of the progressive movement, exactly, but Democrats can see their congressional majorities going, going…