Democrats are Better at Creating, not Helping the Poor

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

Among the things Democrats commonly ignore in pursuit of their policy preferences are the three that argue most persuasively against them: history, human nature and math.

America has spent five-plus decades and trillions of dollars losing a “War on Poverty,” nonetheless, President(ish) Joe Biden, his spaniels in Congress and corporate media have begun barking about “income inequality” – a natural phenomenon.

Every human possesses a unique combination of skills, interests, intellectual and physical characteristics. Furthermore, personal decisions – good and bad – affect individual results. Accordingly, people from similar backgrounds, the same neighborhood or even the same family experience (sometimes, wildly) different outcomes.

In reality, “income inequality” is a valueless term Democrats cynically exploit to convince the gullible that “personal income” is an “entitlement.”

Promising to “fix” it is a political stunt, a con.

To work the con, Democrats generate public envy using highly-emotional rhetoric to encourage fanciful notions of “fairness” and “equity,” while reserving for themselves the right to define what is “fair” and “equitable.”

Misrepresenting America’s economy as a winners/losers zero-sum game is one way Democrats foster envy.

Kevin Williamson wrote: “Of the seven deadly sins, envy may not be the wickedest, but it is the most embarrassing. To be possessed by envy is to admit a humiliating personal inadequacy: We do not envy others whose attainments…we think we…might achieve, but those we despair of ever possessing. …Envy is…the small man’s sin.”

Human nature kicked in after elected Democrats enacted public welfare in 1965. Some people work to escape it – and some do – but, because public welfare encourages dependency, perversely, the system has created a permanent, multigenerational American underclass.

According to available statistics, in 2020, federal and state governments spent $1.03 trillion on 80-plus means-tested programs.

Official 2020 figures put 37.2 million Americans at/below the poverty level. Simple math says that combined expenditures averaged about $27,600.00 per recipient, a generous $110,400.00 for a family of four, or 4.2 times the Federal Poverty Guideline.

Do needy people get all that cash?

Billions of dollars are spent annually on bloated government bureaucracies with many thousands of well-paid employees whose livelihoods depend upon “administering” means-tested programs and, through withheld dues, on the “public service” unions that represent “welfare” bureaucrats.

That’s just one way Democrats who run “income inequality” and other cons use unions to launder tax money into their campaigns.

Math-challenged Democrats struggle with economic history and current events, too.

For years, even when much of America stagnated, the financial industry enjoyed huge windfalls.

Former-President Barack Obama’s ineffective 2009 “stimulus,” followed by multiple rounds of Federal Reserve “quantitative easing” coupled with its artificial suppression of interest rates, and, more recently, massive Democrat COVID “relief” expenditures, have fueled equity market bubbles that generated tremendous profits and bonuses for financial firms, their employees and large investors at the expense of savers.

More than a year of often-contradictory COVID policies have also widened the wealth gap. In the COVID era, America experienced precipitous declines in productivity, lost businesses, massive unemployment, millions struggling to pay bills/feed families, missed diagnoses and treatments of other serious illnesses, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence and suicides.

There are two COVID Americas: workers who lost jobs and those who got paid throughout. The latter include every elected/unelected official who, at no personal cost, imposed and extended COVID-related restrictions.

Now, brutal policy-driven “Bidenflation,” the worst inflation in forty years, is destroying small businesses and shrinking America’s middle class. Retail sales fell 1.9 percent – in December!

Modern Democrats who, like their party antecedents, are responsible for the fiscal, monetary, welfare and public health policies that created, encouraged and/or worsened all those conditions should be too embarrassed – too ashamed – to even mention income inequality.

But, mention it they will.

Today, “income inequality” is pure political theater – Democrats’ and allied media’s second desperate attempt to deflect attention from the Biden administration’s still-unfolding COVID, energy, inflation, open border, violent crime, foreign policy and debt calamities. The first was their hysterical, incoherent, cringe-inducing, year-long “January 6” psychodrama.

The second act won’t play well, either, because too many American households are suffering from Joe Biden’s/his party’s extravagant failures.

Democrats cannot avoid a mid-term election bloodbath simply by promoting scripted distractions – staged gimmickry – like “income inequality.”

Nevertheless, following a brief – or no – intermission, Democrats will perform equally-disingenuous Acts III, IV, etc…

The theater’s in their blood.