Democrat’s ‘Great Unraveling’ is at Hand

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

Take a moment to think about this…

A post-election McLaughlin & Associates poll revealed that more Americans – 46 percent – believe Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election than those – 45 percent – who don’t believe it or, at least, are unwilling to admit they do. The rest – 9 percent – are “Not sure,” but concerned.

Alarmed? You should be, because McLaughlin surveyed more people who voted for Joe Biden than for Donald Trump.

There’s sworn and statistical evidence of election fraud, especially in five or six crucial states, but, fraud aside, among the primary contributors to the broadly-held conviction that the election had to have been stolen are Joe Biden’s manifest limitations.

Who really believes that an elderly, arguably-senescent throw-back, a low-grade show pony in his best years, received a record eighty-one million-plus legitimate votes in his third attempt in more than three decades?

Publisher/writer Roger Kimball asked: “[H]ow is it possible that voter turnout in just [a handful of] key cities in…key states was so high: often 90 percent or more? How is it possible that…Biden, who barely campaigned, garnered more votes in just those spots than even Barack Obama had done? How is it possible that, as everyone was getting…into bed…the night of November 3, Donald Trump had notable leads in almost all of those states and then, suddenly, all at once, in the wee hours, floods of votes poured in…overwhelmingly, sometimes exclusively, for Biden? And what about those voting machines from Dominion: are we confident that they are secure?”

Rather than helping, left-wing media attempts to hard sell Biden’s “victory” are actually eroding confidence in the election’s legitimacy even among Democrats, especially concerning insecure, fraud-prone mail-in voting.

As president, Joe Biden will have a “legitimacy” problem – and not just among Trump voters.

According to a November study by the Media Research Center, national media’s failure to cover eight key election-related news stories benefitted the Democrat. The Center surveyed only Biden voters in seven key states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The stories polled were: “Biden Sexual Assault Allegations,” “Hunter Biden Scandal,” “Harris Most Leftist Senator,” and on Trump, “33.1% Economic Growth,” “Created 11.1 Million Jobs,” “Middle East Peace Deals,” “U.S. Energy Independence,” and “Operation Warp Speed,” the administration’s expedited effort to develop, test and release COVID-19 vaccines.

On average, 17 percent of people – about thirteen million – who voted for Biden said they would not have done so had they been aware of just one of them.

Without media suppression of those stories, the study claims, President Trump would have won 311 electoral votes.

Almost no one who voted for Donald Trump will recognize Joe Biden as legitimate. Most, plus one-third of Democrats, will hold the (factually-supported) belief the election was stolen. So, as president, Joe Biden can expect opposition – in every lawful way, of course – until he is gone.

For four years, Democrats and their media allies insisted, without evidence, that Trump’s 2016 election was illegitimate, that he was a Russian asset. Then Democrats impeached a duly-elected president over a falsehood. They, Joe Biden included, called President Trump and his voters “racists,” “white supremacists,” “Nazis,” “stupid,” “xenophobic,” “chumps,” “ugly,” “the dregs of society.”

Now the same people who insulted half of America are urging “the dregs” to accept factually-disputed election results, and lecturing them about “unity.”

But, Democrats shouldn’t count on reconciliation before that four year debt has been repaid – in full.

Ironically, Republicans may be the least of Joe Biden’s “unity” problems.

Why? Because, Donald Trump was the lone thread holding the Democrats’ fractious factions together.

At Biden’s party’s energized “core” lies Bernie Sanders-style socialists, climate militants, credentialed, but poorly-educated social/political misfits, and an odd assortment of alleged “civil rights” activists who only temporarily “united” with establishment Democrats to beat Donald Trump, attempt (unsuccessfully) to increase Democrats’ House majority, and take over the Senate.

When President Trump leaves the White House, their “Great Unraveling” will ensue.

People once joked that picking a mediocrity like Joe Biden as his vice-president was former-President Barack Obama’s insurance policy against impeachment – or worse.

Now, though, is there an underwriter anywhere that would issue a policy insuring an elderly, impaired, enduringly-mediocre Joe Biden against an equally-mediocre, but ambitious hard-left-winger like Kamala Harris and a fractured party Biden never really inspired?