Democrats, Independents, Ask Yourselves . . .

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

How do you want government to work? Think carefully. The stakes for a midterm election have never been higher. That’s no exaggeration, not this year.

The left’s mask slipped during their character assassination of now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The totalitarian left’s incoherent shrieking and unhinged, uncivil, disruptive behavior on Washington streets and in the Senate gallery are just a taste of what America will experience if Democrats win congressional majorities.

For decades, liberals have misused federal courts as a “legislature” of last resort, seeking bench-issued “statutes” from like-minded jurists who divine “emanations” from constitutional text. Now, five Supreme Court constitutional originalists will make Congress legislate. But, Democrats haven’t been able to win that way since 2009/2010 when they held the presidency and foolishly squandered congressional majorities through intemperate overreach.

The Court is settled for now, but the stakes remain high. The left’s attempts to deny fundamental civil rights to decent people like Brett Kavanaugh are part of an insidious scheme.

Leftists stalk Republicans in restaurants and airports. Activists are bussed to Republicans’ homes to harass their families. Mobs have invaded offices and abused Republican members. Republican officials have been mailed deadly ricin, publicly threatened, violently assaulted, even shot. Most are organized events rather than irrational acts by deranged loners. Some Democrats and media coverage have encouraged radical behavior and liberal mob activities to demonstrate what will happen to any “heretic” who holds or seeks high public office.

Activists’ ugly disruptions of public officials’ attention to legitimate government affairs menace every American.

The Senate may be unattainable, but, if Democrats win a House majority, Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker, repeating 2006. Forget what your local Democratic congressional candidate has said, House Democrats enforce unity. There isn’t another Democratic House member with the stature to challenge Pelosi and win, and none have her fundraising ability.

Attentive Americans learned valuable bait-and-switch lessons from the Class of 2006 “moderate” Democrats’ voting records.

House Democrats have said they will use subpoena power to open dozens of punitive “investigations” of the president, his family, White House staff, cabinet members and others, including Brett Kavanaugh. They will try to hound innocent people out of government by monetizing public service with huge legal fees, while discouraging potential replacements.

Democrats have neglected their traditional constituencies to placate small groups of noisy, highly-visible militants. Radical Democrats will demand it, so Pelosi will move, fruitlessly, to impeach the president. Sixty-seven senators won’t vote to convict, but the economic, employment and consumer confidence gains of the last two years will be lost.

Americans must reject the left’s dead end radicalism and cynical aggression. The stakes have made how traditional Democrats and independents may have once viewed Republicans irrelevant. If political nihilism, House Democrats’ punitive subpoena and intimidation power, impeachment chaos and a weakened economy are what you want, then vote for your Democrat.

But, if Democrats and independent voters reward the hard-left’s ugly, abusive behavior, America will become far nastier, more dangerous, and the government completely dysfunctional.

Don’t say you weren’t warned. #WalkAway.