Democrats Planned 2020 Election Turmoil

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

November 3 is behind us, but America doesn’t know who won the White House.

Hours after polls closed nationwide, President Donald Trump was ahead in every state he needed to win, including Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

But, hold on…

Democrats need some or all of those to beat Mr. Trump, so they will attempt to manufacture additional votes, including enough to close a nearly 700,000 vote deficit in Pennsylvania alone.

Democrats don’t need sound strategies, detailed policies or viable candidates, all of which they lacked this year, if media/polling propaganda and cheating can determine elections, so, for months, Democrats have been plotting the current uncertainty in preparation for the eventuality – the likelihood, really – of President Trump’s reelection.

If the Democrat/Media Complex genuinely believed the nearly-monolithic national polls predicting that former-VP Joe Biden was a shoo-in and House/Senate majorities were certain, they wouldn’t have pushed for early mail-in voting. Instead, they would have been confident of winning without the cheating and fraud to which junk mailings of unsolicited ballots to unverified recipients are susceptible.

A Democrat insider who spoke to the New York Post on condition of anonymity said “voter fraud, especially with mail-in ballots, is no myth.”

Post: “[H]e knows this because he’s been doing it, on a grand scale, for decades.” Their source mentioned operatives in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania, the Democrat-controlled Supreme Court rewrote the Commonwealth’s election law to permit ballots to arrive three days late – without postmarks. Furthermore, signatures need not match the signatures of registered voters on file.

Under Democrats’ contingency scheme, Virginia planned to count ballots received by noon on the Friday following Election Day. California allotted 29 days, Illinois and Utah 17, Minnesota, Nevada and New York 10 days, and Ohio and Maryland permitted 13. Some deadlines remain subject to court review.

There are opportunities for fraud almost everywhere. Few states have clean voter rolls. In some, unsolicited ballots were sent to inactive voters – including many who moved away or died.

And introducing fraud becomes easier the longer the longer the process is drawn out.

This time, in addition to winning outside the margin of fraud, President Trump must also win outside the margin of litigation. For example, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, a Democrat, declared Trump the loser before the polls opened, and promised to litigate that result.

But, mail-in votes “justified” by exploiting the Chinese COVID pandemic were only part of their scheme. Democrats also prolonged the COVID 19 lockdowns to suppress the economy, and allowed, even enabled wide-spread violence in cities they govern, all designed to deny President Trump a replay of his 2016 win from state-by-state Election Day vote tallies, including manageable numbers of legitimately-requested absentee ballots.

The optimum scenario, unrealized, would have produced winning margins large enough that the election couldn’t hinge on voter fraud or lawsuits, but Democrats created a plan to reenact the 2000 Florida election, only nationwide and on steroids.

So, what’s next?

It’s very possible, perhaps likely, that Donald Trump will win reelection if a late avalanche of mail-in votes – and challenges – are fairly reviewed and resolved, but, first, Democrats, their press apparatchiks and hard-left foot soldiers will take to the courtrooms, airwaves and streets of America in an attempt to discredit the election and, if he’s reelected, President Trump.

Accordingly, things will get uglier.

The left is already using election uncertainty as a pretext for mass “protests” designed to cast doubt on the legitimacy of election results even before an outcome is officially determined. In fact, unrest began in Washington, D.C. before the polls closed on Election Day.

But, Blue America didn’t board up storefronts because they fear Trump supporters. Widespread, violent left-liberal insurgency will occur regardless of the outcome.

Riots are a given if Trump is reelected, but, to impose their agenda, left-liberal insurrectionists will riot if Biden wins, too, only with impunity. President Trump’s reelection represents the best chance to restore order.

Ultimately, the final verdict may come from courtrooms.

On the bright side, though, even if fraud prevails and Trump is declared the loser, Democrats failed to flip the Senate and lost net seats in the House, so the prospect of a national authoritarian/socialist nightmare at the hands of the radical left has been delayed for at least two years.

Stay tuned…