Dems Gun Control Incoherence

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

As they do following every shooting â€" except those causing the carnage in America’s Democrat-run inner cities â€" Democrats have seized on the Las Vegas murders to renew demands for “common sense gun control.”

But America has imposed hundreds of “common sense” gun control laws and regulations, none of which prevented this â€" or any â€" shooting, especially in the jurisdictions having the most stringent gun control laws.

If there’s another law, just one more, that could prevent murders like Las Vegas or Orlando, what, exactly, is it? If Democrats know, they could have enacted comprehensive gun control legislation in 2009 when they held the presidency and filibuster-proof bicameral congressional majorities. But, they passed nothing. In that context, it appears that, today, Democrats are simply exploiting another tragedy before the facts are in and the victims’ blood has dried.

Democrats’ demands for gun control lack coherence. Think. Use your heads, people: Democrats routinely label President Donald Trump a “fascist.” If they believe that, why would Democrats disarm Americans with “Hitler” in the White House? Do they really think millions of law-abiding firearms owners are Nazis, too?

There are other incoherencies: Despite the growing threat of Islamist terrorism, Democrats rightly caution us that we cannot judge all Muslims by the actions of relatively few. But, even before it was attempted, they insisted that selectively limiting travel and immigration to the United States from failed, terror-prone nations would not work. Somehow, they “knew” that before limitations were imposed. Furthermore, even before one has been built, the left tells us that erecting a wall to secure our southern border and prevent illegal immigration will not work.

But, unless you want to be called an Islamophobe, a racist or worse, don’t ask Democrats to explain how they know either.

However, gun control actually doesn’t work. The incidence of gun violence goes up in the jurisdictions that impose the harshest, most-restrictive gun control laws, and American crime rates have declined where gun ownership has increased. Yet the same Democrats and their leftist brethren who tell us that things we have never tried will not work, insist, in the face of contradictory evidence, that gun control is the solution to gun violence.

These people have no perspective and no sense of irony at all. But they do have a finely-tuned sense of opportunity.

There’s nothing wrong with using disasters to argue public policy. If they think they have solutions, politicians should always be allowed to argue for any constructive policy. But, they should observe constitutional standards and have the decency to wait until the bodies are buried.

Government cannot “solve” mass shootings such as Las Vegas or Orlando, because government cannot prevent evil, terrorism, malicious intent or insanity. The gun prohibitions Democrats propose wouldn’t have prevented anything. So they’re simply leveraging another tragedy to inflame their emotional, poorly-informed base and attempting to whine and shame America into submission.

Most Americans understand that it’s really political control they want, so Democrats’ anti-constitutional gun control demands fall on deaf ears.