Dems in Philly: Truth-lite and Consequences

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

The Commerce Department just reported 2016’s first and second quarter economic growth at only 0.8 and 1.2 percent respectively. In the past seven, there hasn’t been one year during which the economy performed to the president’s promises or approached America’s past ten post-recession recoveries. Those factual failures went unmentioned during the Democrats’ Philadelphia convention.

Instead, repetitious boilerplate convention rhetoric contained stunning disconnects with reality and, frequently, good taste. Speakers assured us that America is a "systemically" flawed, sexist, homophobic, racist country (which kills young black men) controlled by nameless, greedy, rich people.

The Democrats’ convention was an in-your-face celebration of immigration lawlessness, racial mythology and contempt for law enforcement. Illegal aliens were featured on national television and uniformed officers banned from active convention venues, while Democrats willfully fanned the flames of racial conflict to keep the White House.

Pre-convention, WikiLeaks released nearly 20,000 emails hacked from DNC computers that proved the party stacked the deck against Bernie Sanders to coronate Hillary Clinton. Overlooking that Hillary, as Secretary of State, famously "reset" America’s relationship with Russia, the FBI amusingly announced it would investigate whether Russia hacked the DNC to influence the U.S. election.

Nevertheless, before re-declaring himself an Independent, Sanders sold out and tepidly endorsed Clinton. Bernie’s supporters were not amused and protested all week, clearly demonstrating that revulsion for Hillary is felt at both ends of the political spectrum.

Ignoring that Hillary’s largest industry donor is "Securities and Investment," including hedge funds, Sen. Elizabeth Warren humorously predicted Hillary Clinton will "break up big banks." Later, delegates tastelessly cheered abortion.

Wednesday was scheduled to be national security night, but, viewing the state of the world and terrorism at home and abroad, most speakers chose, instead, to speak about climate change. What rational human believes that Islamists pledged to kill us won’t, but climate will? Claims that pursuing a liberal climate change agenda won’t cost money, but will create jobs and somehow make us richer are astonishingly cynical fictions.

Despite referring to himself far more frequently and glowingly, President Barack Obama spoke well of Hillary, but former President Bill Clinton inadvertently came closest to the mark when he described his wife, vaguely, as a "change-maker," thereby begging, but never addressing a fundamental question: If Barack Obama has been such a terrific president, what needs to be changed?

Jonah Goldberg observed: "[Hillary] has been in public life for three decades and the…best use of her former president husband [was] to spend an entire speech trying to convince voters that she’s human." Good luck with that.

Hillary’s plodding, uninspiring Thursday speech confirmed that she’s running for Obama’s third term. (For context, see paragraph one, above.)

Democrats alternately denied and distorted reality, told us the country’s a mess (but not Obama’s fault), said the system (which Democrats have administered for seven-plus years) is rigged against minorities and the poor – but insisted America needs Democrats to fix things.

Unsurprisingly, fawning national media swallowed Democrats’ convention prattle. But, will voters?