Dick Durbin Denounced

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On February 26, the senate voted on the issue of allowing Washington DC residents voting representation in the House of Representatives. The Constitution allows for the representatives to be elected by the many States and the District of Columbia the home of the federal government. It wasn’t intended to be home to hundreds of thousands of welfare recipients, homeless, windshield washers, bums, drug addicts and worst of all bureaurocrats. The writers of the Constitution realized the residents of this district would vote in the best interest of the federal government and not that of the states or country as a whole. Once again the wisdom of those who produced the Constitution proved to be divinely inspired.

Today, an amendment to the above bill proposed by Senator DeMint and passed by a vote of 87 to 11would prevent the FCC from re-instating the Fairness Doctrine. Is this cause for celebration for those of us wondering if we should take to the streets to defend the First Amendment and our favorite source of complete political information, talk radio? I wish it were because I would rather not have to take up arms to stop the complete dissassembly of the America I love.

Unfortunately the double-dealers in Washington also voted 57-41 for the Durbin
Amendment. In short it says "Durbin Amdt. No. 591; To encourage and promote
diversity in communication media ownership, and to ensure that the public airwaves are used in the public interest." This language closely parrallels the wording and rationale for the Community Reinvestment Act. That Act has cost trillions of dollars worldwide, collapsed many millions of hard-working families 401K and other pensions, put millions out of work and got Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Hussein Obama, elected president. What started out as Reperations hidden behind a smokescreen for slavery no one alive endured has morphed into the cause of a worldwide Depression.

Likewise the Durbin Amendment and the deliberately vague wording will be used to pressure radio owners to play endless repitition of the top 100 songs of the decade you happened to hit puberty, instead of broadcasting controvercial concepts like patriotism by Rush, Glenn, Quinn or Sean.

The Totalitarions masquerading as Democrat puppetmasters realized that they could not conquor the United States of America by force of arms. Just like the
Islamists realized Europe could be conquored by their liberal immigration laws
and their own animal fecundity,the Totalitarian Socialists realized the weakness thay can exploit is the sloth and stupidity of a civilization grown rich and fat and the minorities that are easily manipulated by promises of something for nothing at the expense of the oppressors/rich white Americans.

What the Totalitarian Democrats don’t understand is that when they talk about
Revolution while passing around the bong means one thing. The actually
brilliant and devious minds that engineered William Clinton and Barack Obama have exploited a stupid populace with the complicity of the teacher’s unions and public school system, and accomplished that Revolution. What they don’t
understand is that when Middle America, and this is not limited to their
perjoative terms like Right-Wingers or Fascists or Nazi’s, even though the last
two titles refer to Leftists, but real patriotic lovers for America and freedom, start talking about Revolution, and WE ARE, WE MEAN BUSINESS! We are prepared to die for this country, you better be prepered to die for your socialism utopia because we don’t want it.