Elizabeth Warren Will Never Be POTUS

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

In July, 2014, I published a column explaining why Hillary Clinton would never be president. None of its reasoning had anything to do with a “misogynistic” electorate or any of the other shallow excuses Hillary has since deployed to rationalize her failure.

My then-editor chided me for “calling it so far out.” I stand vindicated. Thus empowered, I can confidently predict that Elizabeth Warren will never be President of the United States – and for some of the same reasons Hillary failed. Additionally, though, Warren’s chances are diminished by an overwhelming number of policy nonstarters.

In 2014, I wrote, “Hillary becomes less likeable when she speaks.” So does Warren, who comes across to many as a graceless, humorless, knuckle-rapping schoolmarm or the annoying mom who pesters “eat your spinach!” Most Americans don’t like scolds. Liberal ideologues may, but Warren’s personality won’t wear well among swing voters or many more-moderate Democrats.

On Hillary’s inauthenticity, I wrote, “Aware that she’s role-playing, many Democratic voters distrust Hillary.” In fact, Hillary was so distrusted by her own party’s voters that, had the Democratic National Committee and super delegates not stacked the deck for her, their 2016 nominee might have been authentic socialist Bernie Sanders.

Similarly, Elizabeth Warren has given voters plenty of reasons to distrust/disbelieve her. If Warren thinks the matter of her cynical, self-aggrandizing exploitation of a phony Native American ancestry is behind her, she’s wrong – dead wrong.

Among her policy liabilities, Warren advocates a carbon tax, a proposal for which voters who understand the higher energy costs the tax would entail have little tolerance. Warren’s “gun control” proposals are unrealistic, impractical and occasionally unconstitutional.

Warren’s “Medicare for all” government-administered scheme to outlaw the private insurance on which most Americans rely is highly unpopular. The Census Bureau reports that between 2016 and 2017, the number of Americans with health insurance coverage totaled 294.6 million. 67.2 percent, about 198 million, who had private insurance were generally satisfied.

People know Warren’s claims that only the “wealthy” will pay, that eliminating “waste, fraud, and abuse” and negotiations with pharmaceutical companies will produce massive savings, that cutting payments to medical professionals and hospitals won’t limit care, and that no one will ever have to worry about another medical bill are, to put it delicately, false.

Only 25 percent of Americans share Warren’s enthusiasm for taxpayer funded abortion “under any circumstances.” Furthermore, less than a third of Americans agree with Warren’s immigration proposals, including taxpayer-funded health benefits for illegals and suspending deportations.

Ignoring economic realities, Warren’s pitch is based on the dishonest premise that Americans don’t have everything they imagine they need only because someone else is hogging more than their “fair share.” Unsurprisingly, Warren reserves the right to decide what is “fair” and who is “owed.”

Class warfare and dishonesty are a politically-lethal combination. Elizabeth Warren may compete, but she cannot win.

I’m not one to gloat – really – but, following either the 2020 Democratic National Convention, possibly earlier, or the 2020 General Election, remember, “I told you so.”