Member Group : From the Kitchen Table

This weekend Americans watched a new era begin in Washington. It does not promise to be an era of freedom or prosperity.

For months, citizens have been attending meetings with their elected officials to share their concerns about the proposed radical health care overhaul. They were met with open acknowledgements that the officials they were visiting had not even bothered to read the language of the legislation being discussed.
These concerned citizens were often told that their concerns were unjustified by officials who had just finished admitting that they were completely ignorant about the contents of the overhaul.

In every poll, Americans clearly said that they were opposed to the kind of health care overhaul being proposed by Washington. In fact, as more citizens learned more about the contents of the overhaul, the level of opposition grew.
Americans even traveled to the halls of our nation’s Capital to personally express their concerns and objections – multiple times. The last time was just this past weekend.

But the Democrat leadership in Washington decided that the citizens of America really weren’t important.

In an exercise of raw power that would have put both "Let’s Make a Deal’s" Monty Hall and Chicago’s Al Capone to shame, the administration, assisted by Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Reid, bribed and bullied their way to passage of the bill. They traded with water rights in California, airport funding in Michigan, and Medicaid relief in Louisiana and Nebraska, to name just a few.

They had no problems with telling any story to get their agenda through. The White House and the Congress are full of lawyers. Every one of them was completely aware that an executive order to stop the federal funding for abortion mandated in the language of this legislation was not worth the paper it was written on. No executive order can trump legislation that contradicts it. They didn’t even bother to make their lie appear to be credible.

They had no problems with ignoring every veteran in America. The bill, as passed, does not recognize the Tricare health insurance that covers America’s military men and women and their families as "acceptable" coverage. When this problem was brought to the attention of the House leadership, along with a request to slow the health care steamroller down long enough to address and correct the error, the response was silence. The steamroller moved on – right over top of America’s veterans and their families.

They had no problems with tromping on the basic concept of representative government. Not one single member of the House or Senate actually SAW the legislation before voting on it because no printed copies of the legislation even existed at the time of the vote. So none of them could evaluate the costs or implementation of its provisions in a manner that honored their oaths to their constituents.

They think that the fight is over. They are wrong. It has just begun.
We, the citizens of America, are coming to take our country back. They have run out of our money. They have run over our trust. They need to be fired.
And this year, they will be.