Export Coercion, Import Liberty

Member Group : PA Right to Work

This nation was founded on individual liberty. Compulsory unionism tramples on every fundamental American right. Forced union dues take away every individual’s freedom and permanently distort the employee/employer relationship.

Private sector employees, utilizing secret ballots, have rejected union organizing attempts. A 2004 U.S. Bureau of Labor report shows private sector union membership less than 8%, losing half of their members in the past 25 years. Union officials are very aware of this downward spiral in their members’ numbers and failed attempts trying to organize a workplace. They need to call in "favors" from their friends in Congress to stop the bleeding.

This is the true reason and motivation for the "Employee Free Choice Act" or so-called "card check." That is the reason for the hurried attempt to push it through Congress. That’s why union bosses want card check, which we can NEVER allow to become law…to get from politics that which they cannot earn on their merits, because employees don’t want them! If "card check" becomes law or any compromise of this terribly misnamed legislation, the secret ballot will come under fire and individuals’ rights violated. Those employees choosing not to sign cards, without the secret ballot, could become targets of "union thugs" using "persuasion" to get them to change their minds about joining the union.

Unaccountable, third party government arbitrators will take over negotiations between union officials and employers if a contract cannot be negotiated within 60 days. In our nation’s history, this has never happened before, and it will give government the control of businesses from the inside. This unaccountable, third party arbitrator will be mandating wages, benefits and every aspect of the contract without regard for the ongoing operation of the facility.

The union bosses poured millions of dollars into campaigns and they are looking for the payback. Ten billion dollars in the "healthcare bill" for the United Auto Workers and the passage of "card check," to name two items, would return the political favor.

We see what has happened and who is leaving Pennsylvania. Caterpillar, Mack Trucks, Williams-Sonoma and more recently Carlisle Tire and Wheel have taken their thousands of jobs and relocated. Not to Mexico or overseas, but to Right to Work states. And Harley-Davidson is considering a move from York, PA, to either Kentucky or Tennessee, a Right to Work state.

The unions are drooling over the possible passage of the "Employee Free Choice Act." They know that if that passes, it will give them unrestrained opportunity to intimidate workers and employers. Unions are "big business" and they need to keep the money coming in through forced dues. They would collect millions of dollars from all the "new members."

The passage of Right to Work laws are needed now more than ever. Businesses would locate here, create jobs and generate tax revenue. Just imagine Pennsylvania returning once again to a leading manufacturing state, creating a climate for businesses to prosper and create jobs without the intimidation from union organizers or their attorneys and allowing workers to earn paychecks without the unions taking their share to buy political favors.

A few PA legislators can see the dire future of our Commonwealth if the unions have their way. Senator Mike Folmer (R-48) and Representative Curt Schroder (R-155) have each introduced a resolution standing against "card check." Senator Mary Jo White (R-21) and Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-12) have prime sponsored Right to Work law legislation. Representatives Tom Creighton (R-37), Kathy Rapp (R-65), and Sam Rohrer (R-128) have each sponsored "agency shop" repeal legislation.

I believe the sleeping giant has been awakened. People across PA are calling us, writing their legislators, and making their voices heard on "card check" and other issues.

Exporting coercive unionism and importing freedom, creating jobs and growing businesses will be the key to unlock a prosperous future for our Commonwealth.

Pennsylvanians for Right to Work is a non-profit citizens organization dedicated to the single issue of providing freedom of choice with respect to labor union membership for all Pennsylvania’s working citizens. Their website address is www.PARightToWork.org. To schedule an interview, debate, or radio program with Mrs. Staub, please contact Keith Charles at 717-233-1227.