Exposing School Choice Myths

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Exposing the Myths of School Choice
New CF resources and testimony on educational opportunity

HARRISBURG, PA (2.17.11)—The Commonwealth Foundation released today 15 School Choice Myths, a publication debunking the oft-repeated myths and half-truths against school choice that are used to keep thousands of children in failing schools. By providing 46 facts to counter these common falsehoods, CF demonstrates the need for more school choice options in Pennsylvania.

Myths expelled include:

• Public schools are doing well and improving, so school choice is unnecessary.

• School choice will divert scarce resources from the already underfunded public schools.

• School choice does not improve academic performance.

• School choice is unconstitutional.

The group also released SB 1 (2011): Questions & Answers, a Policy Brief that answers all 28 questions the Pennsylvania School Boards Association has been circulating in opposition to educational vouchers.

This brief answers questions such as:

• "Where is the money going to come from? New taxes?"

• "Will the parochial and other private schools still be able to deny admission to voucher students who have poor academic records or a history of behavioral problems?"

• "Instead of vouchers, why not just do what it takes to make it possible for public schools to follow the same approaches that voucher advocates think make private schools more successful?"

This point was echoed in Commonwealth Foundation President and CEO Matthew J. Brouillette’s recent testimony to the Senate Education Committee.

"We can no longer stand by and allow organizations that are more concerned with keeping adults employed and maintaining a ‘system’ to prevent children from having access to better educational opportunities," said Brouillette.

CF is calling upon all Pennsylvanians to take action to support school choice and put the needs of individual children ahead of the demands of the system and its special interests. You can take action here.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The full reports, 15 School Choice Myths and SB 1 (2011): Questions & Answers, are available at CommonwealthFoundation.org and by calling 717.671.1901.

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