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Findings from the Latest Franklin & Marshall College Poll

Franklin & Marshall College Poll

The 21st year of consecuting polling in Pennsylvania

Below are the highlights of the August 2012 Franklin & Marshall College Poll of Pennsylvania voters. Complete results can be found at http://politics.fandm.edu.

The August 2012 Franklin and Marshall College Poll finds President Obama with a 6 point lead over Mitt Romney, 44% to 38%. Obama is viewed favorably by 46% of voters to 32% for Romney.

Complete results, including detailed methodology, can be found at http://politics.fandm.edu.

1. President Obama leads Mitt Romney, 44% to 38% with 15% undecided; when voters who lean to a candidate are included a similar advantage shows for the president, 47% to 42%, leaving 7% of voters truly undecided.
2. Bob Casey leads Tom Smith, 35% to 23% with 39% undecided, in the U.S. Senate race; when voters who lean to a candidate are included, Casey’s lead increases 43% to 28%, but a high proportion still remain undecided (24%).
3. Compared to Romney, Obama is seen as better understanding of the concerns of ordinary Americans, 57% to 30%, better able to handle foreign policy issues, 53% to 34%, better able to handle the job as military chief, 47% to 37%, and closest to respondents’ views on abortion and gay marriage, 47% to 37%. Romney now leads as the candidate most prepared to fix our economic problems (44% to 42%) compared to June (38% to 44%).
4. Obama’s job performance remains more negative than positive, with 43% positive (good or excellent job) and 56% negative (fair or poor job).
5. PA Voters favor repealing the heath care law 48% (strongly or somewhat favor) to 42% (strongly or somewhat oppose).
6. Almost six in ten Pennsylvania voters believe the state is moving in the wrong direction, 57%, while 30% say it is moving in the right direction.

This survey reflects interviews with 681 Pennsylvania voters, conducted by the Center for Opinion Research at Franklin & Marshall College from August 7-August 12, 2012 (sample error of +/- 3.8 percentage points).

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