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August 29, 2011

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Fairness Doctrine is Finally History

Culture Expert, Talk Show Host and Author Dr. Alex McFarland Applauds the Passing of Age-Old Media Barrier

Charlotte, N.C.

The Federal Communications Commission announced recently that the Fairness
Doctrine, a mandate that required broadcasters to share airwaves equally for competing political points of view, has been officially removed from the Code of Federal Regulations and media are no longer legally bound by it.

The FCC has not enforced the doctrine for 20 years but never removed it from the
code. Last week, the Fairness Doctrine and 83 other outdated and obsolete media-related rules; were tossed out in a move that the FCC says helps achieve its reform agenda.

Dr. Alex McFarland, a culture and religion expert, talk show host and author, is a media-savvy, world-renowned Christian apologist who has commented extensively on cultural and religious issues in many media outlets throughout the country.

"In a country where free speech is a foundation of our freedoms," McFarland said, "the Fairness Doctrine essentially forced broadcasters to
communicate different viewpoints on controversial issues";viewpoints that may
not have been their own. The government should not decide what is of public
importance or the views that should be shared. So this move by the FCC takes the
handcuffs from the media; and it’s a move long overdue.

McFarland specializes in Christian apologetics;which sets the foundation for
Christians to explain why they believe what they believe.

"The Fairness Doctrine had the potential to squash the free exchange of ideas
and put a thumb over the freedoms that we should all experience when expressing what is important to us," he said. "Often, conservative or Christian ideals
were being quieted because of the call for the presentation of the opposite set of views. Now that the Fairness Doctrine is officially off the books, the media can report real stories to the public without any barriers."

The Fairness Doctrine had been in place since 1949. At the time of its creation,
just 2,881 radio stations existed, compared with roughly 14,000 today.

Its demise is welcome among conservatives, who have long argued that the media leans unfairly toward liberal perspectives. In fact, according to FOX News, earlier in President Obama’s administration, several Democratic lawmakers had discussed bringing the Fairness Doctrine back into force due to the popularity of conservative talk radio.

McFarland, who hosts the Sound TV show on the National Religious
Broadcasters Network and co-hosts the radio program Explore the Word
on American Family Radio, is a frequent commentator on Fox & Friends and Fox
News; Spirited Debate. His web site, www.alexmcfarland.com, brings together
information on his speaking engagements, radio and TV shows, writing projects and his books.

McFarland’s ability to rationally examine current issues in all areas of life
through the lens of a biblical worldview is changing the way that people view the state of Christianity in our country and is creating an intense desire to bring America back to its Christian roots. The political trends of today are coming under close scrutiny and it is Dr. McFarland’s desire to examine these more closely, in light of Christian apologetics.

McFarland formerly served as the President of Southern Evangelical Seminary and is writing several books to be released in 2011 and 2012. 10 Questions Every Christian Must Answer has just been released through Broadman & Holman, and Inside the Mind of a Skeptic, published by Regency Publishing, is set for release this October.

To learn about Alex McFarland as a national author and speaker and radio host, or to find details on his upcoming speaking engagements, visit


To book Dr. Alex McFarland for an interview or speaking engagement, contact Deborah Hamilton at [email protected], 215-815-7716, 610-584-1096.

Dr. Alex McFarland, religion and culture expert, is a renowned expert in Christian
(one who explains and rationally defends faith). He is the author of many books,
including the devotional book series for teens: Stand: Seeking the Way of God,
Unleashing the Wisdom of God and Diving Into the Word of God
. He has several new books that will be released in 2011-2012, including his newest
book that was just released through Broadman & Holman, 10 Questions Every
Christian Must Answer.

Dr. McFarland is the host of Sound Rezn, airing across the country on the National
Religious Broadcaster’s Network and he also co-hosts Explore the Word
with Marvin Sanders on the American Family Radio Network, airing on nearly 200
stations. He served as the president of Southern Evangelical Seminary in North
Carolina, has spoken in hundreds of locations throughout the U.S.
and abroad, and has been interviewed by all the top Christian and secular media
outlets. He spent over two decades training teens and adults in biblical worldview
reasoning, much of that time working with Focus on the Family
. Through his Stand Weekends for teens, and the annual National Conference on
Christian Apologetics, Dr. McFarland works toward his goal of introducing new
audiences to the truths of Christianity.

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