First 500 Days Produce Pro-Life Gains

Member Group : PA Pro-Life Federation

The first 500 days of the Trump Administration have achieved impressive pro-life gains in the U.S.

The President named Neil Gorsuch, a strict constructionist, to the U.S. Supreme Court. Gorsuch is determined to interpret the law, rather than make pro-abortion law from the bench. President Donald Trump has also vowed that all of his appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court will be pro-life (Given the advanced ages of many of the Justices, another Supreme Court vacancy could occur at any time.) His judicial appointments could pave the way for an overturn of the tragic 1973 U.S. Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade,  which brought us abortion on demand for any reason during all nine months of pregnancy.

President Trump also named many pro-life advocates to his Cabinet, ensuring that the pro-life perspective is respected in public policy. He has also ensured that our hard-earned tax dollars will not support organizations, such as the abortion giant Planned Parenthood, that perform or promote abortions overseas. He has also sought to limit public funding of abortion organizations within the U.S.

There is every indication that President Trump will continue to achieve pro-life milestones during the rest of his term. With a pro-life majority in the U.S. Senate, he could accomplish even greater feats. Therefore, November’s election will be a powerful indicator of pro-life progress.

President Donald Trump has lived up to his pro-life promises. You can thank him personally by emailing him through the White House website at .

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