F&M Poll: Clinton Surges to Nine Point Lead in PA

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The September 2016 Franklin & Marshall College Poll of Pennsylvania shows that Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump 47% to 38% among likely voters. More voters continue to believe Secretary Clinton rather than Mr. Trump has the experience to be president, is better prepared to handle foreign policy issues, and has the character and judgment to be president.

Voters are evenly divided on which candidate has the ability to fix the country’s economic problems and which candidate will change government policies to make voters’ lives better.

Secretary Clinton’s favorable ratings have rebounded to about where they were after the Democratic Party convention, 47% favorable, while Mr. Trump’s favorable ratings have also returned to their late July level of 32%. Survey indicators from this poll show the candidates’ standing in the post-debate race is similar to where they stood after the political party conventions in late July.

In the US Senate race, Democrat Katie McGinty has a five-point lead over Republican Senator Pat Toomey 41% to 35% among likely voters, similar to her advantage in late August, although one in four (22%) voters is still undecided. Only one in three (31%) registered voters believes Senator Toomey has done a good enough job to deserve re-election.

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