Freedom Caucus Urges Restraint on New COVID Restrictions

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Amid recent sensationalized mainstream coverage around a new COVID variant and the potential to revisit some form of the unconstitutional restrictions and lockdowns that accompanied the 2020 COVID catastrophe, the Pennsylvania Freedom Caucus is issuing a reminder to the executive branch of Commonwealth government. The people of Pennsylvania spoke clearly in May of 2021 when they voted to curb the powers of the executive branch and restore sole authority to authorize the extended use of a state of emergency to the representatives of the people, the legislative branch.

“In 2020, Governor Wolf devastated Pennsylvanian lives and livelihoods when he seized absolute power, shuttered schools, and bankrupted small businesses. Pennsylvanians have not forgotten that while Governor Wolf was busy weaponizing state agencies against private citizens, his administration totally failed to protect our most vulnerable populations leading to Pennsylvania having some of the highest senior mortality rates in the nation,” said Pennsylvania House Freedom Caucus vice-chair, Rep. David Rowe (R-85). 

Freedom Caucus member Rep. Joe D’Orise (R-47) added, “The people of Pennsylvania recognized the utter fiasco that was the Wolf administration’s handling of COVID and voted by a comfortable majority to strip Governor Wolf of the dictatorial powers he unilaterally seized. Current and future Governors of this great Commonwealth would do well to remember the cautionary tale of the Wolf administration’s failures and the resulting repudiation by Pennsylvania voters.”

Reports from liberal media outlets are hitting evening news cycles just in time, it seems, for the Fall election season and the buildup to next year’s Presidential election. A new mutation of the COVID virus has apparently been confirmed by Canadian health officials and mainstream media outlets are chomping at the bit to spend precious news hours promoting it.

“Some might choose to forget but I remember like it was yesterday what Governor Wolf did to our school students and nursing home seniors – they became victims of the executive branch’s alarmist and anti-American COVID lockdowns which the data now shows, failed to protect lives OR livelihoods,” said Pennsylvania Freedom Caucus Chair, Rep. Dawn Keefer (R-92). “Public health can be taken seriously while constitutional rights and individual liberties are preserved but we have been through this drill before and Pennsylvanians will not be fooled twice.”

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