From Perzel & Ally Face Suit Over Anonymous Robo Calls

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GrassrootsPA has learned that former Republican State House candidate Lowell Gates has filed a massive 7 figure lawsuit against former House Speaker John Perzel, his close political ally Michael Karp, and Karp’s former company ATX Communications for their alleged roles in anonymous robocalls against Gates in April’s 88th district primary. Appearing to have been sent from a pirated number, these repeated rounds of unauthorized calls failed to list a disclaimer and are alleged to have been slanderous, untrue and intentionally misleading. Writs of summons were filed in Carlisle against the 3 parties mentioned above.

A Capitolwire article from earlier this year noted that the unauthorized robocalls in question were traced back to ATX Communications, which was once owned by Karp. According to campaign records, AXT was used by Perzel and HRCC (which he headed while Republican Majority Leader and House Speaker) for various other campaigns calls and activities over the course of the last 8 years.

Capitolwire also noted that all of the anonymous April Primary robocalls targeted Republican and Democratic candidates and legislators that had either publically opposed Perzel or voted against him for Speaker of the House. Gates, for instance, had publically pledged not vote for Perzel if elected.

So far Gates is the only person to take formal action against the Speaker Emeritus and his allies for their alleged role in these calls. Being a tax lawyer, business owner, and real estate investor, Gates appears to have the financial and legal resources to vigorously pursue this issue. He is said to have every intention to see this out as long as it takes.

"Gates will not let this slanderous untrue attack against him, his family and business go without justice, and he plans on going after Perzel and his cronies for as long as it takes to achieve justice" said a close Gates confident.