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The American people elected President Obama on the basis of his vague promises of "change," which was assumed by the majority of voters to be something good for our nation.

Fifteen months into his term it is time for us to stop deluding ourselves with his good intentions and accept the fact we must immediately stop the madness of his agenda in order to regain control of our destiny and country.

It is time for us to accept the fact that Mr. Obama’s administration has no appreciation or respect for our country’s heritage. They reject our principles and moral values, as well as everything else that makes America the paradigm of all free and allied nations and the envy of our enemies.

It is time for us to accept the fact that while we have been fully focused on the Health-Care Bill, Mr. Obama continues working on the final assembly of his multi dimensional plot, which requires the approval of as many anti-American bills as possible before the congressional election of 2010.

We must understand that no other legislation is more important to the implementation of his plot than the Immigration Bill.

By passing the Immigration Bill, he will be able to legalize millions of illegals currently living in the U.S. The vast majority of them are not here because of their love and appreciation for America. Instead, they are here to use the country and, wherever possible, bring it to its knees. Their legalization will have the force of an electoral tsunami that will magically deliver millions of new voters into our system. This new contingent of electors will allow Mr. Obama to regain congressional seats that will be lost in the 2010 election. The most significant point is that from there on, they will be able to keep themselves in power forever.

Simply put, conservative Americans are fading away due to factors such as aging and the long term hijacking of our educational, entertainment and communication systems that prevent conservative output, while forming and producing new progressives, liberals and socialists in to the ranks of the American electorate. Time makes it unlikely for us to have enough votes to repeat the results of 2010 in the 2012 election, and a new contingent of electors delivered by the Immigration Bill will definitely make it impossible. In simple terms, conservatives will be outnumbered by millions within the next two years, thanks to these three key factors: aging, systems outputs and the Immigration Bill.

Like many other countries, America is being stroked by the new "democratic" system conceived in Marxist labs around the world.
According to this new process, bloody revolutionary coups are out and have been replaced by an infiltration of the process of free "democratic" elections. This process has already been successfully implemented in many "democratic" states (such as Venezuela, Iran, Brazil, Russia, etc.) around the world.

The Immigration Bill will grant them the needed electoral majority to complete the plot to perpetuate themselves in power and, thereby, "change" our country forever.

All Mr. Obama needs to do is follow the script, be patient and accept minor annoyances, such as the recent electoral defeats in Massachusetts, Virginia, New Jersey as well as a likely congressional setback in the 2010 elections. What is really important to him is the approval of as many bills as possible between now and the November election, the most important being the Immigration Bill.

Our last resource to avoid this irreversible "change" of our way of life lies in defeating the Immigration Bill, as conceived by these anti-Americans residing both in the White House and the Congress.

If the Health-Care Bill takes over one sixth of our economy, the Immigration Bill will hijack the entire country and end our way of life.

Now that we understand the plot, we must step forward and define our strategies and tactics in order to defeat them.

Our short-term mission should be the defeat of the populist Immigration Bill by replacing it with one that effectively reflects the interest of our country’s long term well-being, and preventing Mr. Obama’s re-election.

Anything else favors Mr. Obama and is against the best interest of America.

Ana Puig is the co-Chair for the Kitchen Table Patriots, a grassroots organization based in Bucks County, Pa. She also works with several other national grassroot organizations and speaks at rallies throughout the United States.

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