GOP Lays Out Priorities

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Leaders defer to governor-elect for budget plans


After a wave of victories on Election Day boosted Republicans into the majority in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, the new majority laid out their priorities for the next two years.

State Rep. Samuel Smith (R-Jefferson), the current Minority Leader expected to be elected Speaker of the House in January, said the House Republicans wanted to return state government to its "core functions." He said the focus would be on limiting the state’s debt spending, balancing the budget and cutting waste.
"We don’t have any money for frills or extras right now," said Mr. Smith. "We’re just going to get back to basics and try to do them well." Click here to read more.

Republicans Win Control of State Government, Lose Excuses
Ability to solve infrastructure, pensions may give Dems a chance in 2012


Two days after the election, Pennsylvanians are still trying to understand what happened to Democrats and what that means now that Republicans have control of the legislature and governorship.

Terry Madonna, a pollster and professor of political science at Franklin and Marshall College, said the largest swing toward Republicans in 40 years could reveal divisions within the party caucus while the Democrats search for new leadership.

"I think [the Democrats] are stunned by the degree of the defeat," said Mr. Madonna. "This has stunned them, and I think the Democrats are reeling from the rebuke. It’s just a question of whether with this instability in the caucus they’re going to have to resolve the eastern-western divisions." Click here to read more.

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