GOP Spending Money to Elect Union Boss

A few weeks ago, we noted that the Delaware County GOP had selected the local AFL-CIO boss to be their candidate in an upcoming special election.

The state Republican Party is now getting involved in support of Paul Mullen. You may recall that Mullen campaigned against Sen. Pat Toomey and a local Republican Senate candidate in 2014. Not surprisingly, Mullen’s support of Democratic candidates and policies has not made it into the GOP’s media campaign.

We estimate that the Mullen campaign, state GOP, and unions will spend in the neighborhood of $150,000 in an attempt to elect a far-left Republican to the State House. The next time you get a fundraising email from the Pennsylvania Republican Party, keep in mind that these are the types of candidates your money may be going to help. The irony is that the state GOP homepage features a fundraising plea to "help stop Barak Obama" but the Party is now spending money to elect someone who campaigned for his union to put Obama in the White House.

The CAP PAC has endorsed Lisa Esler and is expending our resources to help her win a write-in campaign. She is the only candidate who a pro-taxpayer reform agenda.