Guard Your Wallets!

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Guard Your Wallets; the General Assembly is Coming Back

In early August we mentioned that the "balanced" budget passed by the General Assembly was falling apart. At present, not one casino applied for the $1 million liquor license authorizing them to sell liquor twenty-four hours a day. Also, the tax that General Assembly levied on electronic cigarettes is going to bankrupt small businesses.

When the General Assembly returns later this month, the House and Senate will be looking for ways to fill the holes. The smart thing to do would be to cut spending and trim back corporate welfare. For example, does Pennsylvania really need a $4 million tax credit to attract big name performers to second tier cities? Or, $250 million for a race horse development fund?

The taxpayer friendly answer is no.

The average Pennsylvanian does not benefit from the various flavors of crony capitalism baked into state spending. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop the General Assembly from adding new items "economic development" programs without concern for the people paying the bill.

As we learn more about the tax options being considered by the House and Senate, we will pass that information along to you.