Guzzardi Seeks AG Investigation into Senate Special Election

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Robert Guzzardi for Governor
For Immediate Release:
Contact: Robert Guzzardi 215- 873-1317 March 12, 2014
Republican Challenger to Corbett officially asks AG Kane, US Attorney to investigate Quid Pro Quo surrounding the resignation of Senator Waugh and his appointment to the Farm Show job.

Today, Republican Robert Guzzardi is asking the Attorney General Kathleen Kane and the US Attorney for the Middle District of Pennsylvania to investigate the apparent quid pro quo deal after the government stone-walled his January RTK (Right to Know) requests about this matter.

Guzzardi is sending this timeline of events and a formal letter to the two law enforcement officials in hope they launch a formal investigation into what appear to be illegal manipulation of elections by former State Senator Mike Waugh, State Senate Majority Leader Senator Dominic Pileggi, Republican Representative Ron Miller and Republican Governor Tom Corbett’s administration and York County Republican Committee, a private organization.

When a citizen sees evidence of an apparent crime, it is the responsibility of the citizen to report that evidence to appropriate law enforcement. A citizen calls 911 when he or she sees evidence of a crime. "See something, say something" is good advice.

Guzzardi said: "It is apparent to those who look at the time line and who are willing to see what there is to be seen that this was an agreement cut by Senators Waugh and Pileggi and Governor Corbett, Lt Governor Jim Cawley and State Representative Ron Miller to place their hand-picked ally, the liberal, and very controllable, career politician Ron Miller into the Senate. The laws of public corruption, bribery and elections are complicated and I will defer to the professional law enforcement to determine if a crime, in fact and in law, has been committed. At this time, based on the apparent and public evidence of the timeline of events, it appears there is probable cause to think that there was an unlawful quid pro quo in Senate district 28 special and primary elections in York County."

Guzzardi said: "I hope for the sake of honest and transparent government and for fair elections that the US Attorney and Pennsylvania’s independent Attorney General investigate this corrupt deal. From a Governor and Republican leaders who talked about cleaning up the corruption in Harrisburg, they seem to continuing the same old "Bonusgate-style Computergate-style" tactics that landed so many politicians in jail.

Will they ever learn? "