Hanger Comments Antagonistic to Shale Industry

Member Group : PA Chamber of Business and Industry

Friday, Nov. 19, 2010

Secretary’s deplorable comments exemplify DEP’s antagonistic approach to Marcellus Shale industry

HARRISBURG, PA – The Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry today called Department of Environmental Protection Secretary John Hanger’s recent comments on how Gov.-elect Tom Corbett will handle regulation of the Marcellus Shale industry unfair and unnecessary.

In a Capitolwire article, Hanger questioned when Corbett would "annoy" the industry or do something to "upset the industry."

"The secretary’s comments are all too typical of his often antagonistic approach to an industry that holds tremendous economic potential for the Commonwealth," PA Chamber Vice President Gene Barr said. "DEP’s role should never be to annoy job creators, but rather work with them to develop commonsense regulations that balance environmental protection with economic growth. The business community welcomes an administration that actually understands the benefits to all parties of this thoughtful, cooperative approach to governing."

Barr said while Hanger claims in state and national interviews to welcome the jobs the Marcellus Shale industry is generating, his rhetoric suggests otherwise.

Additionally, Barr said Hanger’s criticism of Corbett’s opposition to a natural gas severance tax – the proposal that had been under consideration would have made Pennsylvania among the highest, if not the highest, taxed Marcellus Shale state – shows his inability to differentiate between revenue issues and environmental issues, and demonstrates the secretary’s misguided view that Pennsylvania can tax, litigate, mandate and regulate itself to prosperity.

"The business community is confident that Governor-elect Corbett will ensure appropriate, commonsense regulation of the natural gas industry – a goal the industry itself supports – as well as ensure its full growth potential, which will benefit Pennsylvania’s local communities, individuals and families."


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