Hillary Clinton’s Train Wreck

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

Following the trajectory of Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid is like watching vintage film of a train wreck…one…frame…at…a…time.

You know the super-slow-motion crash is coming, and that it will ruin Clinton’s once-inevitable coronation — again.

Hillary’s political liabilities were apparent last year: A tepid reception to her book tour, followed by "dead broke" Hillary’s family financial difficulties: "[W]e pay ordinary income tax, unlike a lot of people who are truly well off…and we’ve done it through…hard work."

Estimated between $25 and $50 million — all from soporific speeches and ghostwritten books — Hillary’s personal wealth is arguably her only "achievement." Combined, the Clinton’s wealth exceeds $250 million.

Except by liberals who possess it, the American left views great wealth as suspect, even fundamentally corrupting, so many progressives reacted to Hillary Clinton’s "poverty" claims as one critic did: "I know of dozens of ridiculously-talented, hard-working people who’ll never set foot in a mansion. But Hillary Clinton buys two and weeps."

Hillary’s more recent problems originate at the State Department where her years as Secretary coincided with a nearly-unprecedented breakdown of U.S. foreign policy. Some conspicuous failures – among them Russia, Libya, Syria — implicate Hillary.
Benghazi remains unresolved. Not only did Secretary Clinton fail to respond to repeated requests to improve security there, she blamed the organized terrorist attack on an obscure video and then lied about its cause to the families and caskets of the American victims.

Now Hillary has legal trouble, too. During her tenure at State, she committed US Code violations by conducting government business on a personal, unauthorized, unsecured email server in her Chappaqua, NY mansion. After months of Clintonesque stonewalling, during which Hillary repeatedly misled the public and the media, the FBI has seized Clinton’s private e-mail server and a backup storage device.

The FBI is conducting a criminal investigation into an Inspector General’s revelation that emails appearing on Clinton’s personal server were classified, including some designated "Top Secret." If the server has been professionally cleansed, reactions will be politically insurmountable: Public suspicions will mount, leaks from an angry intelligence community will feed a media frenzy, and Americans will relive decades of Clinton scandals.

Democrats are approaching RED-Alert panic. Nearly 60 percent of Americans polled already consider Hillary untrustworthy and dishonest.

Questions remain: Will President Barack Obama direct his politically-militarized Justice Dept. to protect Hillary? Will an egocentric Obama accept a Clinton-centric Democratic Party? Currently, there are two centers of gravity in the Party – Obama and the Clintons. If Hillary escapes and wins, the Clintons will prevail.

One might argue that Obama will keep secret the proof of Clinton’s malfeasance in order to blackmail his presumptive successor into perpetuating his policies. As evidence of this strategy, witness Hillary’s recently-declared support for Obama’s mortally-flawed Iran deal.

But, as one news outlet reported, "Washington sources say Vice President Joe Biden is waiting…for the Obama administration to run her over so he can…run for president."

Whenever she crashes, pre-primary, primary or general election, Hilary’s wholly-predictable wreck will be anticlimactic.