Hillary: Not Electable

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

Despite the aggressive "inevitability" chatter among Democratic money
people, special interests and media, Hillary Clinton will not be the next
president of the United States.

Through her own choice, failures in Democratic primaries or the verdict of
America’s general electorate, Hillary Clinton’s future White House
appearances will be guest-only.

There’s an excellent chance Hillary won’t run.

A prohibitive favorite, her 2008 campaign ended ignominiously, so the 2016
nomination isn’t the certainty Clintonistas pretend — and a general
election would feature detailed reviews of Clinton’s spotty
near-quarter-century in Washington, the Senate and the State Department,
most of it never fully-vetted.

The reception to Hillary’s book tour was tepid, and there are unresolved
questions about her health and stamina.

Don’t forget "dead broke" Hillary’s family financial difficulties:
"[W]e pay ordinary income tax, unlike a lot of people who are truly well off
…and we’ve done it through … hard work."

One wonders, having received millions for $200,000-plus, "hard-work"
speaking gigs, will Hillary’s greed trump her ambition?

Besides, what rational Democrat wants to clean up after President Barack

Aware that she’s role-playing, many Democratic voters distrust Hillary.

Except by those who possess it, among liberals, great wealth is considered
at least suspect, if not fundamentally corrupting, so Hillary cynically
pretends to be middle-class to convince them that her financial worries are
the same as ordinary Americans.

Obama’s "wealthy, out of touch" attack damaged Mitt Romney. Many
progressives will react to Hillary Clinton’s "poverty" claims as
one critic did:
"I know of dozens of ridiculously-talented, hard-working people who’ll never
set foot in a mansion. But Hillary Clinton buys two and weeps."

Estimated between $25 and $50 million — all from speeches and ghostwritten
books — Hillary’s personal wealth is arguably her only accomplishment.

Some progressives actively dislike Hillary: she supported the Iraq war,
remains chummy with Wall Street, ran to Obama’s right and is tainted by her
husband’s practical centrism. Hillary’s a hard left-liberal, but she’s too
well-defined by marital association to satisfy many liberal voters.

Because she’s an imperfect spokesperson for Democratic "issues," Hillary
faces significant general election obstacles.

For example, Clinton embraces the Democrats’ "war on women" rhetoric even
though she was a central perpetrator of a nasty campaign against women
involved with her husband, women Clinton’s staff called "sluts" and "trailer

Blaming her spouse’s serial philandering on a "great right-wing conspiracy,"
Hillary wasn’t a passive victim of the sex scandal preceding her husband’s
impeachment for perjury and obstruction of justice.

Recently, tapes emerged of a years-old conversation in which Hillary
chuckled about getting a man who raped a 12-year-old girl off lightly by
painting the child-victim as an unstable fabricator.

Her husband used women; Hillary abused them. Voters know it.

Furthermore, after Obama, Hillary is the most prominent Democrat to promote
socialized medicine. She cannot disavow Obamacare, which still has
55 percent disapproval, without calling attention to
Hillarycare, her own 1993 scheme to socialize medicine.

As senator, Clinton originated nothing, so liberals remember her Senate
tenure only for her pro-Iraq War votes, and, lacking any positive outcomes
while at State, everyone remembers her failures.

Hillary’s four years as Secretary coincided with a nearly-unprecedented
modern breakdown of U.S. foreign policy – only 1979-1980 policies were as

Candidate Hillary might want to distance herself from Obama’s foreign
policies, but she cannot remove herself from Secretary Hillary’s
administration of them.

Benghazi, especially, rankles.
Not only did Secretary Clinton fail to respond to repeated requests to improve security there , she blamed the organized terrorist attack on an obscure video and then lied about its cause to the families and caskets of the victims .

Hillary becomes less likeable when she speaks. She’s a lousy campaigner with
terrible political instincts, an overbearing sense of entitlement
and a gratuitously-combative demeanor. Hillary is vain,thin-skinned, vindictive
and, in stump speeches, her voice can cut glass.

Worse, she’s boring.

If her last name were still Rodham, it’s doubtful that most Americans would
have heard of Hillary, much less considered her for POTUS.

In a December Gallup poll, the number of people identifying "big government"
as the nation’s greatest threat rose to 72 percent from 55 percent
when Obama took office.

Aggregated, Obama’s failures and scandals, among the most conspicuous of
which – Russia, Libya, Syria, Benghazi — implicate Hillary Clinton, have
discredited progressive big-government policies.

Following Obama, no big-government Democrat may be electable. Hillary isn’t.