Hillary’s Public Pity Tour

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

If the bomb goes off tomorrow, there will be nothing left but cockroaches and the apparently indestructible e=mc2 of American politics, Hillary Clinton.

The woman has a massive sense of entitlement and a finely-tuned sense of grievance, but no sense of self-awareness at all. Wags have joked that the cover of her spiteful new book which features its title, “What Happened,” above her name, Hillary Rodham Clinton, both asks and answers the question.

Clinton’s book was clearly motivated by a selfish urge to offer enough excuses to absolve herself of the blame for her shocking, embarrassing defeat.
Andrew Malcolm wrote about Hillary’s failure: “American voters don’t always pay attention to politics. … But when they do, they can smell insincerity through a TV screen. ‘I take responsibility for everything I got wrong,’ Clinton proclaimed…in her best bid at introspection. ‘But that’s not why I lost.’”

The Democratic Party would very much like Hillary to exit graciously â€" stage left, of course. The party hierarchy realizes that Hillary’s self-indulgent, dead-horse-beating, sore-loser public catharsis is damaging the party in the near term, and has the chance over time to diminish the Democratic brand even more than did her electoral humiliation.

Hillary was so “inevitable” for so long that the Democrats never established a bench, and, without Clinton in the White House, there is limited time to develop one. The Democratic National Committee rigged the primary for her only to watch Hillary flop. Now, effectively out of options, national Democrats would like â€" need, really â€" Hillary to stop sucking all the oxygen out of their party. Hillary’s damaged ego book tour is hampering the rejuvenation of an elderly Democrat Party that knows it must identify and develop a new stable of viable national candidates under the age of seventy.

But, Hillary is too busy settling scores to see that, and, if she could, she wouldn’t care. Her book isn’t really about “What Happened” or politics. It’s about bitterness, about taking revenge on the people and things she imagines ruined her coronation: Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, James Comey, the FBI, sexism, the Electoral College, Russian hacking and millions of working people, especially women, who failed to vote for her.

One suspects that Hillary would rather see President Donald Trump win twice than have Bernie Sanders or any Democrat less worthy than she imagines herself to be, i.e., all of them, as president.

Hillary Clinton’s 2017 book and tour are reassuring Americans that, in 2016, they were smart not to elect her.

Walter Savage Landor, 1775-1864, never knew Hillary, but described her perfectly in his poem, “Around the Child.” â€" “Around the [wo]man bend other faces; Pride, Envy, Malice are [her] Graces.”

The Clintons have no political future. Hillary’s sell-by date expired in 2008; erratic Bill is ancient history; and Chelsea, lately reduced to Twitter troll, is hopelessly mediocre. Even though wealthy and well-known, Hillary’s ultimate prospects include nothing beyond the same inevitable mortality that beckons us all.

Hillary cannot reincarnate â€" can she?