House GOP Voices Concerns Over Rendell Spending

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Date: February 9, 2010
Contact: Stephen Miskin (717) 783-1852
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The governor’s spin needs to die down for a real look at what is being

HARRISBURG – House Republican Leader Sam Smith (R-Jefferson County)
today expressed concerns regarding Governor Ed Rendell’s 2010-11 state
budget proposal. The governor’s $29 billion budget, which increases
spending and taxes by more than $1 billon, is more than the state can
afford in today’s economy.

"What we have is the governor’s spin on the budget. Over the next few
weeks, that spin will die down and we can get to the real issues.

"People get it and want government spending ‘under control.’ Increasing
the budget by more than $1 billion is NOT getting spending under

"In 1682, the Pennsylvania General Assembly met for the first time. In
2002, 320 years later, the state budget was $20 billion. Today, just
eight years later, Governor Rendell is calling for spending $29
billion… in the face of a half billion dollar deficit.

"Gov. Rendell just doesn’t get it.

"While the governor has proposed some interesting ideas today, and some
certainly worth further discussion and debate, House Republican members
are concerned, as we have been before, about the affordability of higher
and higher spending.

"The economic situation is not all that much different from last year,
and the governor has spoken of all the cuts he has proposed and in some
cases made. As part of his overall budget proposal, the governor is
seeking $1 billion in new tax revenues. Should Pennsylvanians really pay
more for what he says is less? Can they afford to?

"We need to let the spin die down over the next few days and weeks. Then
we can see what is really being proposed and the details."

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