How GOP Can Court Millennials

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It is often suggested that the generation known as "Millennials" are the generation that lack the drive to be politically involved; that millennials want a hand out and want everything for free. Millennials are quite the opposite, we are the generation that have fought in the longest wars in American history. Went to high school, college and entered the work force in the worst economic times since the great depression. Millennials are the first generation that believe the country will be worse off than the generations before us. This is why Millennials are the key generation to ensuring that we rebuild America into the great country that previous generations once enjoyed.

It is an incorrect assumption by many that Millennials are less conservative than the baby boomer generation who for the most part control the Grand Ole Party and the government. Millennials are the future and it is time we start shaping the Republican Party. In reality the long standing priorities of the Republican party are what calls to Millennials. The truest form of Ronald Reagan’s big tent party is what will grow the party among Millennials. Millennials can be courted by an agenda that provides: A quality education and higher education, foreign policy that keeps the country safe, low taxes that result family sustaining jobs and the achievement of the American dream. Abolishing politics as usual and developing a message of action that is beneficial for the masses. In this and more the Republican party will find Millennials are the "worker bees" and the future for the GOP, candidates and country.

If the Republican party is to expand their reach, there cannot be a litmus test of conservatism. We must court those young men and women that voted and worked for Obama and are now disenchanted, we must court the social and religious activists that believe the country is on the wrong track in short the GOP must court Millennials or risk obscurity.

The Republican party cannot just package a message to Millennials, we must have Millennial in leadership positions throughout the party and elected positions in the Government. From municipal governments to the hallways of Congress the generations that are now in power would be wise to cultivate the next generation of the Republican party: Millennials.