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Why do so many normally polite Americans insult strangers simply for not sharing their political views?

Wouldn’t America be better if everyone really were “liberal,” and actually considered other points of view?

What do people really mean when they say they are “woke?”

Close observers wonder, is “Wokeism” just a vanity project based on the moral preening of unaccomplished, intellectually-insecure narcissists who have fabricated 1) imaginary societal “injustices” they can “virtuously” pretend to fight, and/or 2) quasi-religious, totalitarian dogma incorporating elastic “blasphemy” laws designed to label, silence and ostracize rather than persuade “heretics?”

Have America’s colleges and universities become clerical seminaries for Wokeism? Do the most expensive, most “elite” institutions produce the most “woke,” most fervent “prophets” and “proselytizers?”

When wokeists call people with whom they merely disagree “Nazis” or “fascists,” what words do they reserve to describe Adolf Hitler, Josef Goebbels and the rest of that murderous lot?

If wokeists label adversaries who have given no genuine racial offense “racist” just to shut down debate, what does that suggest about the merits of their case?

If white wokeists are, as they insist, just pragmatic and reality-based, how do they explain the “logic” of protesting against other white people simply for the accident of being born white?

Is it a fixed rule that one must be white to be racist? If non-whites exhibit racist behavior, but are excused from assuming the same moral responsibility demanded of whites, isn’t that, in itself, a form of racial prejudice?

Are non-white “refugees” pouring across our southern border so they can become victims of “systemic racism” and “white supremacy?”

Should illegal aliens receive the same educational, health and welfare benefits as citizens even though they broke American laws to come or stay here? Why/why not?

What, precisely, constitutes “hate speech?” Who gets to define it? How does that square with Americans’ comprehensive First Amendment rights?

Who has the greater means to suppress personal freedoms, especially speech: government agencies or Facebook, Twitter and Google? Is suppression OK if the suppressors share your ideological interests?

Is it merely coincidence that, for wokeists, “doing good things” always seems to require more government?

Aren’t lives determined by the choices people make? Does anyone really benefit from being told they’re “victims?” How?

Isn’t it a disservice to make needy Americans comfortable while offering no alternatives to poverty programs and no means of escape? Why shouldn’t work requirements and drug testing be part of any public assistance program?

Why don’t we judge the success of America’s War on Poverty by how few need charity rather than by how many people receive it? If we cannot or will not judge results that way, what are we doing wrong?

How, exactly, will poverty in America be cured by giving amnesty to millions of poor, unskilled illegal aliens?

Is Islam a peaceful religion? In the past four decades, how many unprovoked terrorist attacks on innocents have been perpetrated by practicing Christians or Jews?

How can one simultaneously believe that capital punishment for the guilty is “barbaric,” but aborting the innocent is not?

If one accepts the notion of “global warming,” a/k/a, “climate change,” rather than spending $trillions to “fix” it, why isn’t the better response to adapt as mankind did entering and exiting the last Great Ice Age? If those extremes couldn’t destroy primitive mankind, how can a little warming destroy us?

Is the term “settled science” overused by people who cannot explain “science?”

How many “genders” are there? Is it fair to allow biological men to compete in girls’ and women’s sports? Why/why not?

Which provides more meaning for most Americans: family, friends, churches, communities and local civic institutions or a huge central government? If the answer is the former, why are wokeists only encouraging and America’s political class only growing the latter?

Is government really motivated by public interest, or do elected officials’, bureaucrats’ and generous special interests come first?

If “…the truth will set you free…,” why aren’t America’s wokeists and more political figures seeking it?

Finally, if mere questions upset you, ask yourself, does your frustration stem more from the inquiries themselves, or from embarrassment at an inability to answer them to your own, much less to the satisfaction of anyone else?

Or has “Wokeism” made “anger” and “incoherence” the eighth and ninth heavenly virtues?