Insane Foreign Policy

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November 21-22 – Insane Foreign Policy

The bottom line this week, is that President Barrack Hussein Obama’s foreign policy is insane.

In April, Obama became the first President of the United States of America in history to bow to royalty when he bowed to the Saudi King during a G-20 meeting. Some excused his action saying it was the result of inexperience, or that it was a small unintentional bow, or that Obama was just being culturally sensitive. But no matter the excuses, during his recent trip to Asia, President Obama once again bowed to foreign royalty when he bowed to Japanese Emperor Akihito. This wasn’t some half hearted bow either. It was a full 90 degree demonstration. Charles Krauthammer described it as "a world class bow." By bowing to foreign royalty, Obama is affirming that he believes in centralized power and that some people-who are born into a higher position or rank–are somehow superior to other human beings.

These flawed beliefs are completely contrary to the fundamental principles that guided our founding fathers, specifically, that "all men [and women] are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights." When George Washington was elected President, he refused all elevated titles and chose to be known simply as "Mr. President," establishing a custom that is still followed today. Thomas Jefferson refused to bow to anyone, and he refused to allow anyone to bow to him. Americans, in our republican and democratic traditions (the ideas, not the parties) simply do not bow. General MacArthur never bowed to Emperor Hirohito during our entire post-war occupation of Japan. In fact, the only reason why his son Akihito is the current emperor, is because the United States allowed Hirohito to remain on the throne when the Japanese surrendered to us in 1945. The leader of the United States Government should never bow to any Japanese Emperor or any other foreign leader.

When we observe President Obama’s foreign and economic policies, it seems that he has simply never studied history or economics. Since all of his school transcripts remain sealed, we still do not know which classes he completed and what his final grades and GPA were. But what we do know is that it seems that President Obama never learned significant parts of U.S. history and has little if any knowledge of America’s founding. To make matters worse, President Obama has had very little legislative experience as well. Dr. Paul Kengor, director of the Center for Vision and Values and professor of political science at Grove City College, points out that before becoming the President, Obama was a U.S. Senator for less than one term. Coming from his Left-Wing orientation, President Obama is more focused on apologizing to the world for America’s past "sins" than standing tall as a symbol of liberty, freedom, and hope for all.

President Obama made clear on the campaign trail that he would sit down with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad without preconditions. This is insane policy. Did it produce a favorable dialogue with Iran? Of course not! Since Obama has become President, Iran has rigged its own Presidential election, sentenced at least 8 people to die for opposing the election results, sent 81 others to prison, and shot and killed protestors in the streets. Iran has taken three American students who were hiking along the Iraq border hostage, and detained and tried Iranian-American scholars Roxana Saberi and Kian Tajbakshsh. Iran regularly uses assassination squads, terrorism, and hostage taking as tools against the West. Just this week, Iran rejected the west’s latest nuclear offer and vowed to continue to develop its nuclear weapons plant near Qom. And, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has rejected any meeting with President Obama.

There is a pattern here. World leaders are willing to accept President Obama’s conciliatory bows and apologies, but then they ignore his requests and desires. Can you say Chicago Olympics? Apology and supplication does not create respect.
Back to Iran — even if we retaliated with sanctions, this would likely do nothing. President Obama must consider the military option against Iran if he wishes to keep the Islamic Dictatorship from becoming a nuclear power. If he fails, Iran will hold the United States and the rest of the world hostage. But if Obama were to stand up and confront Iran in a meaningful manner, the rest of the world would respect him and people in every country around the world would be a lot safer.

President Obama’s administration appears to be more upset with Israel’s continued construction of housing in and near East Jerusalem than they are with Iran’s recent actions. The White House issued a sharp rebuke against Israel’s decision to build 900 housing units at Gilo, saying it was "dismayed" and that this decision undermined Obama’s efforts to resume peace talks with Palestinians. It is insane to establish a tougher foreign policy with Israel than with Iran. But the bottom line is that Binyamin Netanyahu-like many other foreign leaders-is also ignoring Obama.

It is insane for the President to dither on troop levels in Afghanistan. This week, the White House announced that it will wait until after Thanksgiving to make a decision on General McChrystal’s request for 40,000 additional troops. Meanwhile, U.S. soldiers continue to die and remain without the resources they need to win this war.

It is insane for President Obama to bring Khalid Sheik Mohammed to trial in a civilian court in New York City. As Senator Lindsey Graham pointed out to Attorney General Eric Holder, this is a "historically bad decision." During last week’s Senate hearing, Graham stated that "under domestic criminal law, the moment the person is in the hands of the United States Government, they’re entitled to be told they have a right to a lawyer and can remain silent. And if we go down that road we’re going to make this country less safe, that is my problem with what you have done." In this instance, Senator Graham is absolutely right. We simply cannot bring enemy combatants captured around the world during their fight against our society to justice in American civilian courts with all the same constitutional rights as American citizens accused of criminal offenses. There is just no way to preserve evidence and secure the "crime scene" in a war situation. Enemy combatants, soldiers, and terrorists must also be interrogated in a timely fashion in order to save the lives of American soldiers and U.S. citizens.

In the 1990s, President Clinton treated radical Islamic terrorism as a criminal matter and this led to disastrous and deadly results for Americans. President Obama is now making the same mistake, but with much more information. It may be possible to excuse President Clinton for not understanding just how dangerous a force radical Islam was to the American people. In the wake of 9/11, President Obama has no such excuse. Treating war criminals and war prisoners as garden variety criminal defendants with full rights make absolutely no sense.

Finally, it is insane for President Obama to delay the probe into Major Nidal Hasan’s Fort Hood shooting. This action in particular prodded minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) to state, "It really begs the question of what is the administration’s overarching strategy to fight the terrorists and keep Americans safe. We haven’t seen that overarching strategy yet."

After ten months in office, President Obama is failing in his primary responsibility to keep America safe from its enemies. Instead, he is following the most radical and destructive courses of action in his foreign policy decisions. He has confused our enemies with our friends. He has made it extremely difficult for the CIA and our military to gather necessary intelligence to fight and win the war on terror.

This is insane!

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