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With literally thousands of Tax Day Tea Parties springing up all over the country, many of you may already be involved in organizing or planning to attend one of these events. Ostensibly all these Tea Parties are under the auspices of the Tax Day Tea Party website and Amy Kremer (, yet many are being arranged independently. The theme of the authorized groups as sent from the national organization is that the movement is grassroots and about "We the People", and on tax day the target is pork and the stimulus generational debt.

The Pittsburgh Tea Party organizers have really taken this to heart and to that extent have excluded elected officials and candidates from the current round of parties. Their attitude is that "We are tired of listening to you. It is time you start listening to us". Also the group is strictly non-partisan and one of the major organizers is a registered Democrat. This allows the group’ once it solidifies, to be able to dictate their positions to candidates of either Party.

Unfortunately Tea Parties are rumored to not only be inviting but are also being organized by elected officials and candidates. This degrades the great grassroots premise that should be driving this movement and turns a beautiful idea into a glorified Republican pep rally for the greater glory of the candidates or elected officials pulling the strings. Since there is little actual authority above, almost nothing can be done to prevent the exploitation by these individuals.

Predators on both sides have been crashing Tea Parties and warnings have gone out to watch for ACORN protesters and infiltrators as well as politicians who just can’t leave well enough alone. With most Tea Parties being staged on public property, laws make it difficult or almost impossible to prevent these assaults.

By all means, make every effort to attend and bring a homemade sign and vent your anger and frustration at those who are leading us over the edge to ruin. Take charge if politicains have hijacked the Tax Day Tea Party in your area and make your Independence Day Tea Party one organized by the truly independent.