IS PA a Friendly Place for Job Creators?

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Gov. Rendell frequently claims that his policies—namely increased government spending on "economic development", and the higher taxes and debt that accompany that—make Pennsylvania more friendly to businesses and job creators.

But independent rankings of Pennsylvania’s economic climate give the Commonwealth poor marks relative to other states:

• Forbes – 41st "The Best States for Business"
• CEO Magazine – 37th Best States to do Business
• Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council – 28th Best Business Tax Climate
• American Legislative Exchange Council State Economic Competitiveness Index:
o 46th Best Economic Performance
o 42nd Best Economic Outlook
• Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council – 24th Best Policy Environment for Entrepreneurship.
• United Van Lines – 47th Best in State Migration
• Beacon Hill Institute – 39th in State Economic Competitiveness
• Pacific Research Institute – 46th Best on Index of Economic Freedom
• Pacific Research Institute – 45th Best in State Tort Liability Rankings
• Fraser Institute – 49th Best Labor Markets in the US and Canada (out of 60)
• Alliance for Worker Freedom – Tied for Worst on Index of Worker Freedom
• Tax Foundation – 28th Best State Business Tax Climate Index.
• Tax Foundation – 40th Lowest State and Local Tax Burden
Data also confirm Pennsylvania’s economic growth lags the national average, and ranks Pennsylvania among the worst states in the nation. Indeed, under Governor Rendell (2003-2008) Pennsylvania ranks:
• 33rd in Job Growth;
• 40th in Personal Income Growth; and
• 43rd in Population Growth.
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Spending Tip: Reduce Occupational Licensing Mandates
Pennsylvania spends over $33 million each year to monitor restrictive licensing and professional standards. Even though these regulations make PA less attractive to prospective entrepreneurs and undermines the ability of individuals to enter their chosen career, the legislature continues to add additional regulations.

Recently, state government has cracked down on individuals giving manicures, selling on eBay, giving rides to the Amish, and braiding hair without a license from government. The cost of these licensing requirements are frequently enough to drive individuals out of business entirely – in fact, that is what many proponents of occupational licensing want.

Consider that a massage therapist license requires 600 hours of education or training, and a natural hair braiding license requires 300 hours (all of which must be approved by the state board) – yet security guards only need complete 40 hours to obtain a license to carry on gun on the job
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Please, No More Taxes! Video Contest

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Other ways to get involved include:

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