Is Senate GOP Leader Impediment to Reform?

Member Group : Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

October 1, 2014:

One of the most common questions people ask us is, why can’t Harrisburg enact reforms like they have in Wisconsin, Indiana or Michigan?
According to a letter sent from Senator Scott Wagner to Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi, the blame in large part rests on the shoulders of the Majority Leader himself.

From the letter:

"During my short time in the Senate, it has become all too clear to me that you have used your power to obstruct the legislative process, frustrate the Republican Caucus’ agenda, and prevent Pennsylvania from moving forward…It is obvious that you are intentionally blocking this bill because you do not want to give Governor Corbett any victories. In addition, since April, I have observed multiple instances when two-thirds or more of our members wanted to see a piece of legislation go to the floor for an up or down vote. You have made it clear to me and other Caucus members that we don’t do up or down votes. You also have worked to avoid a vote on the paycheck protection bill, a matter about which I care deeply."

Senator Wagner goes on to cite the $175,000 in campaign contributions Majority Leader Pileggi received from a Philadelphia electrical union as a possible reason Pileggi has worked to thwart the reforms Pennsylvania desperately needs. He then concludes the letter by calling for a change in leadership.

Senator Wagner’s willingness to confront Pileggi is exactly what CAP hoped for when he took the oath of office and why the CAP PAC supported Wagner in his historic write-in victory.

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