Jeff Bartos Enters U.S. Senate Race

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After a decade in Washington and a lifetime in politics, Bob Casey forgot where he came from. Instead of working for Pennsylvania, he answers to Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren and his liberal friends in Washington. Senator Casey chooses his personal political interests over our Constitution, our national security and our prosperity. He has left Pennsylvania behind.

It is time to take back the Senate seat from the Casey dynasty and return it to the people of Pennsylvania. While Bob Casey’s Washington, DC is thriving, Pennsylvania’s jobs are disappearing, our schools are failing and our families are suffering. The only way to turn this around is to elect a tenacious outsider to fight for the change we need.

Today, I am proud to announce that I have entered the 2018 U.S. Senate race here in Pennsylvania. I’m a political outsider running to end destructive trade deals, secure our borders, stop the cycle of career politicians in Washington, and restore the American Dream. With your support, this can be the election where we retire Bob Casey and start to enact term limits in Washington.

Senator Casey no longer represents the people of our great Commonwealth. While our small businesses struggle to survive because of the regulatory burdens imposed by Washington, Bob Casey is flat. He has stood by quietly, ineffectively for decades while our problems got worse. His politics and party-first agenda no longer represent the values of our citizens. His watch-and-wait ways have stalled our efforts to create positive change in Washington. Career politicians like Bob Casey are the reason we are desperate for term limits.

I know what it means to start a business and succeed, and I also know what it means to fail, pick yourself up, and start over. I have spent 20 years building businesses and giving back to my community. Bob Casey has spent the last 20 years trading political favors and working to get re-elected.

We are in desperate need for a change, and I am here to lead the charge.