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September 12, 2011

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As America Struggles to Get Back to Work, Government Looks at Jobs Plan

Culture Expert, Talk Show Host and Author Dr. Alex McFarland Says Work Creates Dignity and Is God-Given

Charlotte, N.C. —President Barack Obama’s speech on job creation in America last Thursday received mixed sentiments from both sides of the aisle and from Americans in general, as he suggested creating jobs by rebuilding the country’s infrastructure and offering tax cuts to business owners.

Tonight, the President is expected to present his jobs bill to Congress, urging members to pass the bill with the caveat that next Monday, September 19, Obama will lay out a broader deficit reduction plan that will include his proposals to the so-called debt and deficit Super Committee on Capitol Hill.

The $447 billion American Jobs Act is hoped to create thousands of jobs and put America back on a positive economic path. Others, however, are leery of the expensive new bill, especially after the President’s 2009 stimulus bill fell somewhat flat after also promising tax cuts, increased spending on infrastructure, education and unemployment benefits.

Dr. Alex McFarland, a culture and religion expert, talk show host and author, is a world-renowned Christian apologist who has commented extensively on cultural and religious issues in many media outlets throughout the country. McFarland says that work is a God-given gift to mankind and creates dignity and self-worth and nobody should be hindered from this privilege.

"God created work to give man dignity," McFarland said. "In the garden of Eden, it was a joy to toil and take care of all that God had created. After the fall of man, work was then a punishment, something that would be difficult for man for the rest of his days. But even so, work still creates dignity and self-worth. When we can provide for ourselves and our families, we feel that we are fulfilling a purpose. Once we are out of work for so long, and once the entitlements come and linger for months and years, we lose that dignity and self-worth, and it is difficult to get it back. So the idea of restoring that dignity through work is an admirable one, but I’m not sure relying on a government that has allowed this country to be saddled with a $14.3 trillion debt is the best course of action."

McFarland, who hosts the Sound Rezn TV show on the National Religious Broadcasters Network and co-hosts the radio program Explore the Word on American Family Radio, is a frequent commentator on Fox & Friends and Fox News’ Spirited Debate. His web site,, brings together information on his speaking engagements, radio and TV shows, writing projects and his books, with his new Project 2026 on the horizon. Breaking news on Project 2026 will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

McFarland’s ability to rationally examine current issues in all areas of life through the lens of a biblical worldview is changing the way that people view the state of Christianity in our country and is creating an intense desire to bring America back to its Christian roots. The political trends of today are coming under close scrutiny and it is Dr. McFarland’s desire to examine these more closely, in light of Christian apologetics.

McFarland formerly served as the President of Southern Evangelical Seminary and has recently been named the Director of the Christian Worldview Center at North Greenville University in South Carolina. He is writing several books to be released in 2011 and 2012. 10 Questions Every Christian Must Answer has just been released through Broadman & Holman, and Inside the Mind of a Skeptic, published by Regency Publishing, is set for release this October.

To learn about Alex McFarland as a national author, speaker and radio host, or to find details on his upcoming speaking engagements, visit


To book Dr. Alex McFarland for an interview or speaking engagement, contact Deborah Hamilton at [email protected], 215-815-7716, 610-584-1096.

Dr. Alex McFarland, religion and culture expert, is a renowned expert in Christian apologetics (one who explains and rationally defends faith). He is the author of many books, including the devotional book series for teens: Stand: Seeking the Way of God, Unleashing the Wisdom of God and Diving Into the Word of God . He has several new books that will be released in 2011-2012, including his newest book that was just released through Broadman & Holman, 10 Questions Every Christian Must Answer.

Dr. McFarland is the host of Sound Rezn, airing across the country on the National Religious Broadcaster’s Network and he also co-hosts Explore the Word with Marvin Sanders on the American Family Radio Network, airing on nearly 200 stations. He served as the president of Southern Evangelical Seminary in North Carolina and has recently been named the Director of the Christian Worldview Center at North Greenville University in South Carolina . Dr. McFarland has spoken in hundreds of locations throughout the U.S. and abroad, and has been interviewed by all the top Christian and secular media outlets. He spent over two decades training teens and adults in biblical worldview reasoning, much of that time working with Focus on the Family. Through his Stand Weekends for teens, and the annual National Conference on Christian Apologetics, Dr. McFarland works toward his goal of introducing new audiences to the truths of Christianity.

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