Joe Biden: Fabulist-in-Chief

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

One would think that, after telling lies for decades, by now, President(ish) Joe Biden would be better at it.

For years, Joe’s fabrications were usually insecure attempts to somehow establish his manhood or embellish his academic credentials.

Joe’s probably-apocryphal boasts about youthful lifeguard experiences at an inner-city public swimming pool where he learned about “roaches,” let black children touch his “blond leg hairs,” and “confronted” black gangbanger “Corn Pop” were just oddly amusing.

In 1988, when questioned about his law school record, Biden angrily responded, “I think I probably have a much higher IQ than you do. … I went to law school on a full academic scholarship, graduated in the top half of my class. I was the outstanding student in the political science department at the end of my year. I graduated with three degrees.”

Not a word of it was true.

Biden has claimed that he was a civil rights advocate, active in sit-ins. He was neither. In fact, as a younger senator, Biden was closely aligned with Senate segregationists, and he opposed school busing.

Joe has claimed, falsely, to have been a coal miner from a family of coal miners, and that he drove a truck. At various times, Biden, “the son of a strong Irish-Catholic family,” has claimed to have grown up regularly attending black churches (after Catholic Mass, no doubt); that he was raised by Puerto Ricans; and that he grew up in a Polish community. Last year, Biden pandered to a Jewish audience, saying was raised “in the synagogues of his state.”

Biden’s media defenders dismiss his lies as “folksy,” and “just Joe being Joe,” but they establish a pattern for his presidency.

Biden still tells amateurish “folksy” falsehoods, but, since his inauguration, Joe has gone pro.

In a recent softball CNN interview, Biden was given an opportunity to defend policies that raise public concerns about his time in office. Rather than address them, Biden told some real whoppers.

Arguably the worst was this: “I mean, no president’s had the run we have had in terms of creating jobs and bringing down inflation. It was nine percent when I came to office. Nine percent!”

That is patently false.

In January, 2021, when Biden took office, inflation was under 1.5 percent, but his war on carbon-based fuels helped drive it to 3.5 percent by March.

Of course, inflation got far worse from there. Obama-era staff economist Steven Rattner called Biden’s March, 2021, $1.9 trillion “stimulus” bill, passed with zero Republican votes, the “original sin” of runaway Bidenflation.

Recapping negative economic indicators, Biden was asked, “With less than six months to go to election day, are you worried that you’re running out of time to turn that around?“

Biden: “We’ve already turned it around!” and, “the polling data has been wrong all along.”

Following references to high grocery prices, and the “real day-to-day pain people feel,” Biden said, “[T]he fact is that if you take a look at what the people have, they have the money to spend; it angers them and angers me that you have to spend more.”

An intellectual mediocrity, Biden may not understand how inflation drives real wages down. Instead, he invented a survey that, he said, shows “65 percent of the American people think they’re in good shape economically.”

Tell that to the nearly two-thirds of Americans – including 41 percent of those earning above $75,000 – who are living paycheck-to-paycheck. Bidenomics is destroying America’s working/middle classes.

Then, on May 9, Biden’s X (formerly Twitter) account stated: “On my watch, when we make promises, we keep them. And we leave no one behind.”

More fiction. After promising to get everyone out safely, Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal left Americans behind, and he lied about the number abandoned. Furthermore, Hamas butchers still hold five Americans hostage, while Biden withholds military aid from the Israeli forces who would free them.

Biden’s fabrications raise questions about his psychological makeup: is Joe incapable of recognizing the truth, or is he simply a congenital liar?

Jurassic Joe could be experiencing “decompensation,” a medical and psychiatric term referring to the loss of one’s ability to physiologically/psychologically cope with fatigue, stress, illness and/or old age. Biden often exhibits symptoms attributable to every contributing factor.

But, if Joe Biden isn’t decompensating, then he’s just a habitual liar.

Either way…