Joe Biden is Funny, But No Joke

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

Perhaps my sense of humor does fire a degree or two off top dead center, and my sense of irony may be slightly overdeveloped, but some things just make me laugh.

One that does is nearly 78-year old former Vice-President Joe Biden, currently the Democrats’ presumptive 2020 nominee. A 48-year embodiment of Washington’s status quo, Joe now hilariously claims to have the answers to every national problem to which he was party, often central.

Forget answers, though. Joe can’t remember the questions.

Biden has been a nearly invisible candidate only-peripherally involved in history’s strangest presidential campaign. Joe doesn’t do face time with donors, the press or the larger American public, because his keepers have sequestered him in his Delaware basement.

Biden seldom emerges, and, when he does, so far, it’s been primarily by automobile to friendly nearby, sparsely-attended “events” where he awkwardly reads brief staff-prepared statements, before vanishing without taking questions. Recent examples include a largely-redundant July 21 addendum to Biden’s previously-announced, massively-expensive July 9 and July 14 encyclopedic spending and special interest giveaways carrying new costs over ten years ranging from $8-$10 trillion.

Featuring lots of folksy, substance-free Biden-isms, together, Joe billed them as an “economic recovery plan,” even though the funds would necessarily be extracted from a financially-stressed middle class and a COVID-damaged national economy through increased and new taxes, including one on real estate.

Biden’s sequestration is a practical matter. Joe’s highly-entertaining fabrications, boasts, gaffes, threats, slurring, confusion, embarrassing blank outs and memory lapses are legion – and legendary.

Everyone remembers Biden’s “Corn Pop” fantasy, his incomprehensible “lying dog-faced pony soldier” insult, his “I’m an Obiden-Bama Democrat” howler, and his presumptuous “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, you ain’t black” belittlement, among many others.

But not everything Biden says is funny.

In June, Biden foolishly claimed that “10 to 15 percent” of Americans are “just not very good people” – “deplorables,” no doubt. Joe clearly didn’t mean the looters and rioters torching Democrat-run cities. In fact, in July, Biden answered a web interview question by agreeing that police forces can/should be defunded.

Also in July, Biden, whose son Hunter harvested $1.5 billion in Chinese government-related funding while Joe was vice-president, gratuitously labeled Americans “racists” when he was captured on video saying that it’s wrong to hold China accountable for coronavirus because Americans can’t distinguish “between a South Korean and someone from Beijing.”

But, although ugly, those gaffes aren’t Biden’s most worrisome by far.

Although people who have heard Biden speak recently laughed, understandably, it was decidedly unfunny when, in another web interview, moments after confessing he hasn’t been tested for coronavirus because he has no symptoms, Joe volunteered he’s being “constantly tested” for “cognitive decline.”

Then, Biden continued, injudiciously, “I can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man I’m running against.”

In 2018, President Donald Trump took the Montreal Cognitive Assessment Test as part of his annual medical examination, and “aced” it. The results were made public, a fact the New York Times reluctantly reported. Unlike Biden, the president routinely appears in public and takes hostile press questions.

The Biden campaign must come clean, too.

Biden’s admission raises some important questions: If Joe has not been tested for coronavirus because he’s symptom-free, what symptoms worried his keepers enough to test him for cognitive decline?

Furthermore, who administers Biden’s “constant” cognitive tests – and where? How frequently is Joe tested? And why haven’t his results been made public?

Shouldn’t Americans know them before making Biden leader of the free world?

Let’s be honest, shall we? Democrats know they’re running a man who’s incapable of serving, but they’re doing it anyway. After failing to field a more electable candidate, hard-left Democrats expect that, if elected, Joe would be an easily-controlled “transitional” president. In fact, his campaign has already aligned with self-identified socialists such as Bernie Sanders and others to formulate Joe’s energy, climate “justice,” immigration, social and tax “planning” policies.

So, if you think things are bad now, wait and see what happens if Biden wins.

He may be a barrel of laughs, but, considering the office he seeks, Joe Biden’s mental state is no laughing matter.