Joe Biden, ‘Victim’

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

“When it rains, it pours.”

That adage was never more relevant than in the White House, Camp David, his two swanky Delaware properties, or wherever President(ish) Joe Biden is napping today.

Joe Biden is a “victim” of a border crisis he created (one assiduously ignored by the vice-president he assigned to “fix” it), of a COVID resurgence his border policies aggravated, of brutal inflation driven by COVID “stimulus” spending excesses, and of his scandalous blunders that took American lives in Afghanistan, abandoned Americans in hostile territory, and will prove catastrophic for multitudes of Afghan men, women and children.

In his first days in office, Biden issued a slew of executive orders that, among other miscalculations, discarded his predecessor’s successful border security policies without making provisions to replace them.

Biden cancelled President Donald Trump’s policy that Latin American and other foreign national asylum-seekers remain in Mexico while their claims were adjudicated, and he ended Trump’s agreements with several Central American nations to direct their would-be asylum-seekers to other safe countries.

Biden halted border wall construction, leaving critical gaps in border security.

Finally, Biden’s order to gut the policy of testing and expelling COVID-infected migrants spread the virus in border camps, then inland communities as his administration haphazardly relocated un-vetted, unvaccinated trespassers at the same time it was urging COVID mitigation restrictions on and mandatory vaccinations for citizens.

Observers at the U.S./Mexican border describe the situation there to be far worse than most American media report. The Biden administration effectively surrendered an open, chaotic border to human smugglers/traffickers and drug cartels at the costs of national security, and public health and safety.

At home, millions of American job openings are unfilled, largely due to federal supplemental unemployment benefits in Biden’s vaunted COVID-19 “rescue bill” that incentivize able-bodied workers to remain idle.

Biden’s COVID “stimulus” money has created the largest surge in regressive, family budget-killing inflation in more than a generation, a result of the liquidity effect of massive borrowing and spending.

In July, economists warned that profligate spending will overheat the economy. Over the prior three months, consumer price inflation had already risen at an annualized rate of over 7 percent, while housing prices rose by around 15 percent, the most since 2006.

Facing an overheated economy, and with equity and housing markets in bubble territory, the Federal Reserve will be forced to raise interest rates to control inflation, an action that will trigger a recession and further inflate the national debt by raising the rates at which it must be serviced.

Furthermore, Biden’s foreign policy blunders have taken lives and humiliated America on the world stage.

In Afghanistan, more than twenty-thousand American military personnel have been killed or injured since 2001 when then-Senator Biden joined a unanimous Senate vote in favor of the resolution authorizing the use of military force there.

Today, Biden’s bug out from Afghanistan without providing for the security/safe evacuation of all Americans, allies and Western-friendly Afghans has made a 250,000 square mile country a killing field, a safe haven for terrorists, and a regional superpower of the medieval savages who inherited America’s abandoned, un-spiked military assets.

Helicopter evacuations from our Kabul embassy rooftop evoked painful memories. Immediately following that humiliation, a heedless Vice-President Kamala Harris traveled to Vietnam, where, in 1975, choppers last flew desperate evacuees from an embassy roof.

Moreover, while in Vietnam, Harris took a tone-deaf photo-op in front of a bust of Ho Chi Minh, another third world tyrant who humiliated the United States.

The president’s Afghan blunders have angered our allies, demoralized the American military, and, along with his open border policies, sent Biden’s fellow countrymen and the world a message that he has no intention of defending America’s sovereignty, national interests, Western civilization, human life or freedom.

Both have tried, but Joe cannot blame his fecklessness on a predecessor, and national media cannot continue covering for him. Ignoring Biden’s fatal flaws won’t work anymore.

Reversing Biden’s considerable failures will require brains and talent. Joe Biden has neither, nor does his mediocre, absentee vice-president.

The time for misdirection, denials, equivocations and excuses is over. Joe Biden is a victim of his own incompetence, ignorance and negligence.

Every Biden voter, including the one in five who admits to suffering buyer’s remorse, is equally responsible.

His failures are theirs, too.