Joe Biden’s Honeymoon is Over

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

In most of the ultra-rare 2020 campaign appearances he made outside his subterranean Delaware bolt hole, Joe Biden promised to calm the nation’s COVID-19 fears by “shutting down the virus.”

Biden failed to keep that promise.

After assuming office, Biden and other elected/unelected autocrats – aided by media – stoked public anxiety with controversial, often-contradictory, ultimately-ineffective masking/shutdown/vaccine mandates that are doing long-term damage to public health. Some demanded that citizens provide proof-of-vaccination simply to engage in public life.

Nonetheless, infections spiked, and a majority of COVID-related deaths occurred on Biden’s watch. Now, by any objective measure, COVID-19 is endemic – a fact of life – Biden’s promise to “shut it down,” notwithstanding, and COVID orthodoxy is crumbling – no thanks to Joe.

Joe Biden entered office with advantages his predecessor lacked: friendly media, and a general expectation that a “moderate” would “reunite” and return America to “normal.” Biden promised that, too.

Despite unanswered/unresolved questions about election procedures in certain key jurisdictions, Biden never faced a hostile national media, and, unlike 2017, no one rioted on his Inauguration Day.

Joe Biden enjoyed a honeymoon period and an ample measure of good will, both of which he foolishly squandered.

Biden’s honeymoon reached its breaking point last August when he precipitously withdrew from Afghanistan, abandoned thousands of American citizens and Afghani partners, $billions in military supplies/hardware, and the trust and respect of America’s allies worldwide.

Biden’s public approval plummeted immediately. He and his anonymous White House programmers have been flailing aimlessly ever since.

The president’s prospects for recovery are slim, because Americans are dissatisfied with his COVID policy mismanagement, and angry about inflation, violent crime and illegal immigration, all of which skyrocketed during Biden’s first year.

In fact, Biden’s public approval has steadily worsened since his second month in office.

A January ABC/Ipsos poll reported that 75 percent of Americans think Biden’s economy is lousy; 76 percent, including minorities, disapprove of his pandering affirmative-action pledge to consider only black women for a Supreme Court vacancy; and only 29 percent support involving American troops in a Russia-Ukraine standoff.

In addition, a January Rasmussen Reports poll revealed that 50 percent of “likely voters” would impeach Biden for his botched Afghanistan withdrawal and, especially, his inaction at the southern border. Only 45 percent oppose – so far.

An impeachment could take place if/when Republicans retake a House majority.


Because, by impeaching President Donald Trump – twice – on weak, trumped up charges, congressional Democrats changed impeachment from an extraordinary, last-resort measure to address “high crimes and misdemeanors” into political theater. To be fair, though, grounds for a Biden impeachment have genuine merit.

The most remarkable thing about Biden’s dreadful polling numbers is that public opinion has turned against him despite continuing approval and protection from fawning left-wing national media. Clearly, media aren’t doing their jobs, either.

So, what plots are Biden’s first-rate staffers hatching to improve his dismal approval ratings?

On February 2, Biden announced: “I’ve formed a new Cancer Cabinet, which will be convened in the coming weeks. They will drive the whole-of-government effort to unleash every possibility within our power to end cancer as we know it.”

Got that? The guy who failed to “shut down the virus” is going to “end cancer as we know it.” Joe called it a “moonshot!”

It’s a good thing, too, because everyone knows there is absolutely no public- or privately-funded cancer research going on anywhere in America. Right?

Hundreds of nonprofits and charities fund cancer research, and the National Institute of Health (NIH) National Cancer Institute (NCI) annually awards grants to eighty-seven cancer research centers in thirty-seven states, including Pennsylvania and New Jersey. NIH funding was $42.936 billion last year, a $1.251 billion increase, including a large increase for NCI.

Biden’s cheap, pathetically-transparent – redundant – “moonshot” insults every cancer nonprofit, charity, research center, researcher, oncologist and fearful, but hopeful cancer victim just so a failing, lame duck president can regain a little political capital, and, with luck, get credit for years of others’ hard work and any promising already-funded, in-progress advances in cancer research and treatment.

Nevertheless, his media allies will pimp Biden’s phony “moonshot.” Worse, media and the condescending, out-of-touch “best people” running Biden’s White House genuinely think regular Americans are stupid enough to buy it.

Polls show, though, that half to three-quarters of us aren’t – and won’t.