Left Wing Pseudo Science

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

Any half-baked theory having the word "science" attached to it can gather an enthusiastic, if somewhat-gullible left-wing following. However, the noted French anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss once wrote: "The scientific mind does not so much provide the right answers as ask the right questions."

Nonetheless, apparently convinced that progressive dogma contains all the answers, the American left generally refuses to entertain questions about their versions of science. Instead, they ridicule "science-deniers," a term fashioned to lump skeptics into the same disgraceful category as "Holocaust deniers" — liberal code for "Shut up!"

But the left’s commitment to science is debatable.

For example, biology, a genuine science, recognizes two sexes – two human genders – male and female. If there is such a thing as "settled science," there it is. The biological sexes are determined by scientific reality — DNA. Biological females have XX chromosomes; biological males have XY chromosomes. More easily-recognized gender differences include that biological women have concave genitalia and produce eggs; biological men are convex and produce sperm to fertilize female ova. Preservation of our species depends upon simple biology and physiology.

According to the "scientific" left, though, biology is outdated. Gender is now a social construct, an idea. Anyone can be a man, a woman or a trans-either. Pick one of those, one of 54 other "gender options" recognized by Facebook or imagine your own. But they don’t change biology or award biological males the right to share public restrooms and bathhouses with our granddaughters.

Amusingly, many liberals who tell us that denying biological science is a moral imperative, simultaneously insist that questioning global warming as "settled science" should be a criminal offense, even though, a few decades ago, many of them worried about a new Ice Age. Even if the existence of global warming were "settled," the policies for how to best respond to it are not. But, in political debates over climate change, climate activists tell us their favored "remedies" are as inarguable as their claims.

Climate changes – there’s no dispute — but, practical people believe that climate change is normal, that human efforts to combat it are pointless. They would address climate change practically. Rather than impose oppressive taxes, legislate impractical energy sources and further disrupt economies, practical people would adapt as prehistoric Homo sapiens did entering and exiting the last ice age.

But, on any issue, progressives have difficulty accepting that disagreement is honest, reasoned or sincere. Liberals insist that left-wing social and political orthodoxies are moral imperatives, but, ironically, their entrenched beliefs never seem important enough to invest any time or effort into understanding points of disagreement or persuading the other side. The left’s natural tendency is to insult everyone who doesn’t agree and, then, implicitly, congratulate themselves for their own imagined superiority.

But practical people aren’t self-absorbed or arrogant enough to assume they can alter biological science or "fix" climate. They’d rather dispense with the left’s moral preening and deal with facts, including the inconvenient facts progressives ignore.