Leftists Deflect Blame From Obama

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

Congress-bashing is a popular pastime among liberal Democrats desperate to
deflect attention from President Barack Obama’s conspicuous failures.

One Daily News reader’s highly-risible letter blamed them on "the
Republican/tea-party/do-nothing Congress."

It’s hysterical – in every sense of the word – that he attributed the
president’s inadequacies to House "tea party" Republicans who comprise only
about one-tenth of one-half of one-third of the government – especially
since, for two years beginning in January 2009, Democrats held the
presidency and majorities in both congressional chambers.

The letter more fully alleged: "Contempt should be reserved for the
Republican/tea-party/do-nothing Congress, whose stated goal was to make
Obama fail. And they did! Not to mention their failure to act in the
interest of the nation as whole. Which they also did."

The writer’s account is comical on two levels – and correct only on the
latter: Not only did he laughably attempt to reassign responsibility for
Obama’s failures, he conceded that Obama has, indeed, failed.

The writer added: "May this nation be protected from bigots."

Amen! But who’s the bigot?

Clearly, the writer lacks both self-awareness and a sense of irony. While
labeling others "haters," he condescendingly expressed his loathing for
total strangers who only disagree with him. In an incandescent display of
intellectual vacuity and ideological bigotry, the writer instructed one to
"Get lost."

Rationally, that scribbler and other liberals lamenting congressional
inaction would first consider what congressional Democrats failed to enact
during their unobstructed years, 2009-10, and then examine the past three
years of Senate paralysis.

The House is working.

Even though half passed without opposition, 98 percent passed with
bipartisan support and 55 were introduced by Democrats, Democratic Senate
Majority Leader Harry Reid is blocking 352 House-passed bills.

Fifteen would improve Department of Veterans Affairs services; 16 affect
energy; seven would simplify the tax code; 30 address government spending;
40-plus are job-related. Reid is blocking a bill authorizing construction of
the union-supported Keystone Pipeline, the most thoroughly-vetted
construction project ever. These bills have positive implications for
Americans, jobs and the economy.

On Aug. 1, House Republicans overcame internal divisions and passed a bill
to feed and house unaccompanied, underage illegal immigrants flooding
America’s southern border.

While providing for their humanitarian needs, the House bill included
publicly popular measures to accelerate the safe repatriation of illegal
children and deploy National Guard troops to secure the border.

Reid’s Senate adjourned for summer recess without considering it or passing
an alternative.

Yet, while the Senate left town without taking action, and although funds to
care for juvenile aliens will be exhausted before Congress reconvenes in
September, by castigating the House for passing its border funding bill,
liberal Democrats inform Americans that their demagoguery trumps even
children’s needs

Reid is a primary reason Democrats will lose the Senate this year. Enough
voters understand a vote for any Democratic Senate candidate is a vote for
Reid – and gridlock.

As desperately as liberals desire it, changing the subject won’t change that