Legislative Fiscal Office Awaits Action

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Legislative Fiscal Office Awaits Action During Fall Session
House, Senate pledged to act by October 1


Legislative leaders say they remain committed to a deal struck in June to create an independent legislative fiscal office for the state by the end of the fall session, despite the large workload they already face.

When an agreement was reached for the state budget on June 30, leadership in the state House and Senate compromised on two crucial stumbling blocks. House Democrats, backed by Gov. Ed Rendell, had refused to pass a budget without the inclusion of an industry-specific tax on natural gas extraction, but Senate Republicans said they would not pass the tax unless legislation creating the fiscal office was also included. Click here to read more.

State Treasurer McCord Files Brief Against Gaming Control Board
Cites Gaming Act, Sunshine Act in support of his board meeting attendance


Early Friday afternoon, Treasurer Robert McCord filed a brief against the state Gaming Control Board (GCB), the latest move in an ongoing fight over whether the Treasurer is allowed at board member meetings under the Sunshine Law.

As state Treasurer, Mr. McCord first tried to attend board meetings in June 2009, to which he was denied access by the GCB. Though an ex officio "non-voting" member of the board, Mr. McCord maintains he has the right to be present at board meetings.

In July the GCB argued Mr. McCord, as an elected official, could taint the board with "an appearance of corruption and could erode public confidence in the oversight of gaming" because Mr. McCord is "an elected official dependent on campaign contributions." Click here to read more.

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