‘Lib-speak,’ A unique English(ish) Patois

Member Group : Jerry Shenk

The American left misuses common English words to obscure their ambitions and policy preferences. They’ve littered America’s political/cultural/social landscape with linguistic oddities designed either to mislead others or to “win” arguments without actually making any.

In fact, liberals typically won’t engage in, but avoid debate by any means necessary.

In arguably their nastiest avoidance method, liberals falsely label, misrepresent, and/or vilify reasonable people with whom they merely disagree in order to dehumanize and silence them.

The left’s overuse/abuse have rendered words like “Nazi,” “racist,” “homophobe,” “xenophobe,” “misogynist,” and “white supremacist” virtually meaningless – unless, of course, their common meaning, translated, is “anyone who has won or is about to win an argument with a liberal.”

That tactic alone is evidence that liberals either lack arguments, or are too intellectually weak and insecure to calmly, logically express whatever passes for theirs.

Normal people are catching on to the left’s tribal patois. In fact, liberals’ linguistic anomalies have become so commonplace, that, in some quarters, they invite mockery.

They’ve earned ridicule, so, in no particular order, here’s a partial glossary of “lib-speak” translated into Standard English (spoiler alert: words like “coherence” and “consistency” never appear).

“Hate speech” – Any appeal for personal responsibility or traditional values.

“Deniers” – People who suspect fraud may have played a role in the 2020 election.

“Right-wing extremist” – Anyone to the right of Vladimir Lenin.

“Domestic terrorists” – People disinclined to vote for liberals, e.g., veterans, elderly white men, rural families, legal gun owners.

“Disinformation” – Facts liberals dislike.

“Authoritarian” – Any form of government of which liberals disapprove, including “representative democracy.”

“Democracy” – Any system in which liberals always get their way.

“Threat to democracy” – When liberals fail to get their way.

“Voter suppression” – Any effort to ensure election integrity, e.g.: requiring voters to be citizens, alive, show ID, and vote just once.

“Spending” – A word liberals rarely express unless combined with the words “cuts” or “offsets,” as in 1) “Spending cuts” – Freezing or marginally reducing the rate of spending increases, or 2) “Spending offsets” – Tax increases.

“Investment” – Spending on anything liberals like.

“Revenue enhancement” – Tax increase.

“Bidenomics” – The rising costs of gross incompetence.

“Fairness” – A nebulous term having various applications, including, but not limited to making the wealthy pay their “fair share,” transferring student loan debt to taxpayers who had none or already repaid theirs, no-bail “rights” for criminals, etc. Note: the left reserves the right to define “fairness.”

“For the greater good” – A policy almost certain to be bad for everyone except liberals.

“Progress” – Social or political change liberals like.

“Social justice” – Top-down redistribution of assets.

“It’s for the children” – It’s for the adults, or, at least, some adults, usually liberals.

“Mostly peaceful demonstrations” – Violent, destructive riots (in other people’s neighborhoods) of which liberals approve.

“Silence is violence” – An oxymoronic phrase designed to shame reasonable people awaiting facts concerning events that allegedly inspire “mostly peaceful demonstrations.”

Justice-impacted individuals” – Criminal offenders, inmates.

“Sex change operation” – Extreme cosmetic surgery that leaves the patient’s sex unchanged.

“Transgender women” – Men at elevated risk of suicide and self-harm.

“Undocumented Americans” – Illegal aliens.

“Affirmative action” – Racial quotas.

“Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)” – “Didn’t Earn It” set asides for favored “diverse” recipients.

“White privilege” – A terminal affliction shared by anyone born with a melanin deficiency.

“Choice,” alt., “reproductive rights,” “women’s health care” – Killing unborn children in the womb.

“Cataclysmic climate change” – Weather.

“Microaggression” – A maliciously-stupid term contrived by uptight, aggressive, hair-triggered, arrested-adolescent liberals to declare ordinary expressions and behaviors somehow offensive.

“Cultural appropriation” – A term the same humorless scolds invented to discourage public enjoyment of the foods, traditions and practical applications of “other” cultures’ useful, pleasant, attractive and/or tasty products, designs and ideas.

“Civility” – A courtesy liberals occasionally extend only to other liberals.

“Hard data” – Any heart-wrenching anecdote that supports a desired liberal policy outcome.

“Transparency” – Opacity.

“Bigotry” – A “character deficiency” exhibited by people who express opposition to big government, question a poverty-perpetuating welfare state, or promote America’s legal, social and cultural traditions.

The English language’s seemingly infinite word combinations make it uniquely expressive, albeit easily misused to silence opposition and/or mislead the gullible.

But people are learning that the normal things about which normal Americans think and speak are not “hate speech” or “racist” simply because liberals disagree.

So, have fun with their patois. Laughter drives zealous, no-fun, in-your-face lefties even nuttier.

We laugh, they lose.