Liberal Agenda Backfires

Member Group : Lincoln Institute

No good deed goes unpunished!

No expression could be more appropriate as it relates to the liberal agenda as it relates to illegal immigration.

The problem of the southern border of the United States with Mexico is severe. Illegal immigration is frequently seen as the problem rather than as a symptom of something even more problematic in our society.

I’ve been walking across the United States since March 15, 2014 to raise awareness of the behavioral and emotional challenges of children as well as for the developmental disabilities with children. During that walk which started in San Diego and is taking me through most of Southern California, to Yuma, Arizona then up to Phoenix and then Albuquerque, I have seen firsthand the disparity between what the main stream media reports and the reality of the situation on the ground

The problem is not illegal immigration! The problem is human exploitation that has been sanctioned, institutionalized, and rewarded by a liberal agenda. In cocktail parties where it is not popular to talk about things such as homelessness, drug abuse, and human trafficking People without experience are developing solutions to problems they do not even understand.

The solutions that they are crafting appear to have some semblance of logic but they bear no resemblance to reality of the problems they are trying to solve. The solutions are crafted in isolation and they are completely devoid of reality because the "social scientists" do not want to get their hands dirty by having to deal with the reality of the world as it exists. The clearest example I can give of this stupidity is the Affordable Care Act which bears no resemblance to the problem it’s attempting to solve.

In a similar vein these social scientists attempt to craft a solution to illegal immigration without even remotely understanding the problem.

The problem is that it is lucrative for people in our government as well as for organized crime not to solve the problem but instead create an environment which fosters it’s growth. There seems to be an almost tacit approval on the part of senior officials in United States government to accept the illegal immigration because it makes the illegal immigrant beholden to them which translates to votes in elections. For organized crime the tacit approval provides them the sanctuary they need to exploit humans.

As an example, when I started to go through Brawley California into Yuma Arizona, I was cautioned by a number of border patrol agents, Sheriffs, and local citizens to be extremely weary of the coyotes. The coyotes that they were referring to however would not of the four-legged type.

The coyotes are people who are trafficking humans and bringing them into the United States for a significant fee. The coyotes typically bring the illegals to "watering holes" in the desert. These watering holes are protected areas where border patrol agents are not permitted to go in order to arrest the illegals. The liberal mindset says that by keeping law-enforcement out of the watering holes it encourages the illegal immigrate to get the water they need to survive in the desert.

In reality, however, what happens is that the coyote has a perfectly protected sanctuary in order to protect criminal behavior and engage in human trafficking of the illegal immigrants thereby victimizing both the illegal immigrant as well as the citizens of the United States.

Everyone loses except organized crime and those select officials who permit this behavior to continue. To the liberal, they are being kind by protecting the watering holes. In reality, the liberal is providing the sanctuary, in fact, victimize the very people the Liberals are attempting to help.

Sterile solutions to real problems only victimize more people.

The very disaster you have seen with the affordable care act is playing out every single day in the southwest In the legal immigration front as well.

Only by developing a rational solution to immigration, and embracing the realities of the world, will we solve these problems.

My experiences have been that the Mexican and Latino communities are a good decent hard-working communities who have made and will continue to make make a positive contribution to our society.

Reform immigration now and develop meaningful solutions to real problems.