Liberty is Prevailing Over Mandatory Unionism

Member Group : PA Right to Work

This Independence Day, Pennsylvanians for Right to Work members can celebrate many victories in our battle for freedom from mandatory unionism.

Here in Pennsylvania, union bosses spent millions of dollars to win the Senate nomination for their man, Senator Arlen Specter. They lost. Pennsylvania unions spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to nominate Philadelphia union hack Jonathan Saidel for Lieutenant Governor, again, the union bosses lost.

A majority of the candidates backed by Pennsylvania Right to Work PAC were successful in their primaries. Our biggest victory was Pennsylvania Right to Work PAC endorsed Justin Simmons defeat of State Representative Karen Beyer, the ONLY Republican endorsed by the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO. Representative Beyer was the also the only State House incumbent to lose re-nomination on the May 18th Primary.

Around the nation, similar events are taking place. Union big wigs spent $11 million to defeat Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas with loony leftist Bill Halter in Arkansas. Come Election Day, Senator Lincoln eeked out a win.

In the Pennsylvania Legislature, Senator Mary Jo White has lead the way with 9 other state senators in introducing Right to Work bills while Representative Daryl Metcalfe is heading up the charge and introduced our bills in the State House.

In Washington D.C. President Barack Obama and other proponents of mandatory unionism are so afraid to show their true colors in public that they are forced to resort to such measures as making a recess appointment of big labor lawyer Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board after he was overwhelmingly considered out of the main stream by the United States Senate.

Pennsylvanians for Right to Work and our allies across the nation have made it so politically poisonous for Congress to even consider bringing ?Card Check? to a vote that they want to try to pull a fast one on the American Public. They want to force ?Fast Track? snap elections that would take place before the business owners could present THEIR side of the story. Looks like the union bosses only use words like democracy when it suits them. Too bad they?ve forgotten the principles of liberty that this Republic was founded on over two centuries ago.

Most recently, the Supreme Court of the United States handed down a decision which stated that the National Labor Relations Board can only conduct business when a full compliment of appointees are in place. Thanks to those who ARE fighting for liberty in Washington, only 2 members currently sit on that Board. Hundreds of their decisions are now considered invalid and must be reconsidered and re evaluated.

So this Fourth of July as we celebrate our Independence, please realize that we are winning the fight. The voice of the We the People is finally being heard over the Big Labor Lobbyists and Bosses. Enjoy your time with family, friends, and loved ones. Remember what Independence Day is all about. The Republic has endured for 234 years because the citizens remained vigilant. Tomorrow, we continue the fight for individualism and liberty. The anti-democratic forces of the union bosses will never give up, but neither will Pennsylvanians for Right to Work.

Pennsylvanians for Right to Work, Inc., is a non-profit citizens organization, which supports the advancement of individual liberty and jobs and opposes coercive unionism in all forms. To schedule an interview, debate, or radio program with Mrs. Staub, contact Jada Baker, – 717-422-5079 or [email protected]